Watch This Panda Enjoy His Snow Day at the Atlanta Zoo


Thanks to a cold burst of winter weather in Atlanta, the zoo animals in the city got to enjoy a playful day in the snow.

A recent winter blast filled Zoo Atlanta with snow, and no one was more excited than Yang Yang, the giant panda at the zoo. Luckily, the zookeepers were able to capture Yang Yang’s excitement as he rolled around in the snow.

Check out Yang Yang playing in the snow in the video below.

The zookeepers made the snow extra special for the giant panda by adding in “a few drops of rubbing alcohol in some of the piles for extrasensory enrichment.”

Yang Yang also loves to see the snow from the sky. The zookeepers used a rake to push the “snow off the berm and into the habitat” for the panda to play with.

Source: Facebook/Zoo Atlanta

It sure seems like Yang Yang might move up north to play in the snow more often!

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