Guy Abandons GF At Restaurant Just Because She Orders Spaghetti

Eating is as universal as breathing to pretty much everyone on this planet. It should be second nature at this point—and it is to some degree. But the degree to which it ought to be apparently depends on people’s whim.

Sure, animals and kids leave a mess because they can’t help it, but what do you do when your significant other—a grown woman—keeps going at her food like a deaf raccoon with zero social spatial awareness?

Table manners are there for a reason—it keeps things clean and tidy, all the while making sure nobody’s grossed out by it

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However, this guy had a problem with his girlfriend who always made a lot of obnoxious noise whilst eating—especially pasta


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The guy did tolerate it for the longest time until his girlfriend betrayed his trust and so he walked out. And somehow it’s his fault?

That is really the gist of the story—the girl slurps like she’s playing a kazoo in a library and the guy can’t take it any more, especially after she lies about not getting spaghetti and still orders it.

She did not take kindly to his walkout. Not only was there a silent treatment, but also an equally loud passive aggressive rant at home. The guy really needed some perspective, so Reddit caught wind of the story.

And folks online were on the guy’s side. Not only did they think it was rude as heck to be grossly loud in restaurants, it’s also a turnoff for many. In fact, to many it felt like a losing battle—if she can’t change her immature ways, then it’s not worth investing into that relationship.

Others pointed out that it’s not that hard to switch between home you and public you. Many people do it flawlessly, and it should stay that way. Because, yes, it’s rude, but folks with aural sensitivity would be extremely uncomfortable, so the jerkiness persists.

Apparently, “disgusting mouth sounds” are right there at the top of the greatest pet peeves when dining

And by disgusting mouth sounds, they mean everything from lip smacking to biting the spoon to slurping and chewing like there’s no tomorrow.

Besides dining etiquette simply being the civil and respectful thing to do, adhering to it means not getting on other people’s nerves. Staying under the sound and visual radar and keeping to yourself is generally considered a good thing in many societies, so noise is definitely a big nope.

And it’s not just mouth noises—it’s also considered rude to make your plate suffer as you use excessive force on it using your eating utensils and do the same with your partner’s plate if you happen to be trying to nab some of their food without asking first.

If anything, there are even medical reasons to keep your mouth on mute. What if someone in your general area has misophonia—a disorder whereby certain sounds trigger emotional and physiological responses that might just ramp up the crazy to 11?

So, we’d love to hear what you think about all of this. Do you tolerate loud eating, or is it a complete turnoff for you? Share your takes and stories in the comment section below!

Right off the bat, most folks thought that the guy is at no fault here and some saw zero prospects in staying invested in the relationship

There were also those with an egalitarian devil’s advocate approach to it, saying walking out is just as rude


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