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Grew up reading comic books in the 90’s. Marvel fan at heart. Hulk, the Midnight Sons, and Marvel’s cosmic universe are my favorites.


Sleepwalker, the hero of the Mindscape, embarks on an epic journey through the Infinity Stones in Marvel’s Infinity Wars: Sleepwalker #3. ComiConverse contributor Mitch Nissen takes a look.

Sleepwalker, a novel hero of a bygone era, has returned to set a grave wrong right. It’s been nearly 25 years since Sleepwalker last headlined a comic book. Marvel has dusted off this underappreciated hero for another unique and crazy adventure courtesy of writers Chris Sims and Chad Bowers and artist Todd Nauck.

Of all the aspects of the Infinity Stones explored in stories, only a few have touched on the worlds within them. With this Sleepwalker mini-series writers, Chris Sims and Chad Bowers have blown open the doors to the Infinity Stones. Not only is there a world within the Soul Stone but also whole worlds within each of the six Infinity Stones.

Credit: Marvel Comics


Gamora folded the universe and all the souls therein upon themselves. In the ensuing chaos Sleepwalker’s anchor to reality, Rick Sheridan, has disappeared into the Soul Gem. To rescue his friend and find a way to rectify Gamora’s horrific act Sleepwalker must traverse the landscapes within the Infinity Stones to reach Soul World. Only there can he save the souls of everyone in the universe.


Throughout this mini-series Sleepwalker has traversed one Infinity Stone world to another on his way towards Soul World. The planets within the gems reflect their respective dominions. The Power Stone’s inner world is a world of endless combat, an aspect that perhaps influenced The Champion when he is wielding the Power Stone himself long ago.

Here in issue #, 3 Sleepwalker travels through Space, Time, and Reality Stone worlds. Each world displays the infinite possibilities of its specific property. The Vast – a world of endless space. The Ellipsis – a world where time occurs all at once or not at all. The World Pool – a nexus world to all realities.

The writers have given wonderfully suited geography and form to the concepts of the Infinity Stones. There’s even a delightful bit of comedy with the World Pool and the character of Archives. The World Pool is essentially a comic shop (the most excellent comic shop ever!) with Archives acting as the owner/desk clerk asking if Sleepwalker wants the tie-in books to the Infinity Wars event and lamenting with a sigh, “Wednesdays.” Such an instance of meta-humour and pure comic book insanity is reminiscent of Jim Starlin’s legendary Strange Tales #181.

Credit: Marvel Comics

This comic book is both wonderfully insane and brilliantly realised.

Todd Nauck’s artwork and Rachelle Rosenberg’s colours are amazing. Nauck’s designs for Dark Starhawk and Man-Thing Thang Thoom (the Man-Thing/Fin Fang Foom hybrid) are imaginative and inspired. The book as a whole is visually stunning from Rosenberg’s vibrant colours to the backgrounds and characters.

Sleepwalker has never looked so good.

Bowers and Sims have shown that Sleepwalker is the perfect, if not the only, character for such a wild and insane story. His particular position within the Marvel universe and one of a kind skill set have made him uniquely qualified for this specific mission. And it’s a story the likes of which are seldom seen.

With one issue remaining and nothing on the horizon as of yet for more Sleepwalker stories, one big question looms: Will Marvel recognise how unique and unusual this book is and keep Sleepwalker alive afterwards? Or will they let such a beautiful and still unique character languish for another 25 years?

Here’s my formal request to Marvel for more Sleepwalker books. And if you haven’t yet, please give Sleepwalker a try as I am enjoying this book far more than most others out there.

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