You Need Not Be Lucky If You Are A Wise Entrepreneur


Data is the new oil. It can open gates to numerous and unforeseen possibilities. Your data is precious, and people are trying to get. Data security is a growing concern, for not just entrepreneurs but even common people.

Online products and services have definitely made our lives easier and expanded their horizons, but it has also exposed data to unwanted threats. One of the most common ways to access online utilities is a smartphone, rather mobile apps. Often unmindful usage of unverified online platforms multiplies your data security risk.

Why Is Almost Everyone After Your Data?

Information is the key to development and prosperity. Data is nothing but information. Here when we discuss data and the reasons for its immensely increased popularity, we refer to its commercial and related uses. So, why is almost everyone after your data?

  • Database: When you start a business or expand your venture you need a fresh set of potential customers. You also need customer information for designing marketing strategy and related activities. For all these, you need a database. Organisations spend a considerable amount of their budget in procuring databases. Often hackers crack through privacy setups and extract data from people. With the increasing significance of databases, organisations and individuals are trying every means to create a valuable database. You can even buy a database and they are quite high in demand.
  • Customer insights: Unless you know your customers, you cannot prepare a rewarding strategy for your business. And to know your customers well, you need their information or data. It contains basic and crucial information about people. You can study them to know how beneficial they would be for your business as a customer. You can know their preferences and related details. All these would help you to design your products and marketing strategies for maximum effect.
  • Marketing strategy: This may sound like a war-plan but it’s not so. It’s a lot simpler and not at all destructive. However, since it would be moulding human opinion in the brand’s favour, so it needs to be more precise and successful in a single go. When you study and analyse the data, it gives you a very clear picture of customer demography, their likes and dislikes, buying pattern and financial status. You can segregate them into different clusters based on what you derive from the analysed data.
  • Predict future demand: You supply what the market demands; that’s the usual process. What when you can create demand? This is creating possibilities when you cannot find any. This the ultimate power of marketing and a great factor for increasing sales. Data helps you to know customer preferences and act on it. You can create products which don’t exist, but they would love to have. It’s always great to be a pioneer; it gives you a competitive advantage.
  • Identify customer behaviour: Data reveals your buying pattern, preferences and wishes. Thus, you can easily understand your customers’ behaviour and design communications accordingly. It is a great advantage for a brand and can be instrumental in bringing stability to your business.

Your Data Is Not Immune To Threat But You Can Protect It Well

There’s huge chaos over security issues in online transactions and communications. However, you cannot avoid it. During the imposed lockdown and mandatory social distancing for the covid19 crisis, we understood is very well. So, do we then give up living? Of course not. Instead, you implement sustainable and verified security measures that will protect your data while you make the most from online platforms.

  • Customised business solutions: Often we adopt the latest tools and solutions for our business. Interestingly, we miss on the primary requirement – standard tools might not serve our goals. Standard products and solutions are generic, but your goals are not. So, you need tools and solutions to serve you acutely. Custom products and solutions cater to your unique requirements and deliver them. This is why you need custom business solutions.
  • Operation on verified platforms: You must have often come across warnings for not using unknown and unverified platforms. However, you have ignored them at will. This only pushed you towards unwanted data security threats. So, make sure to stick to verified platforms only. Sudden lockdown forced us to use common video conferencing which escalated the risk. Commit to safe online practices and you can effectively avoid such unwanted risks.
  • Regular security audits: Regular checks are a mandatory practice to ensure stability in any process. Even if you have a security system in place, you must carry on security audits at regular intervals. By doing so you can identify if there is any lapse in the process. You cannot afford to risk your data to security breaches, so, you must even hire a professional agency for such security audits.
  • Restricted and supervised users: Often it is difficult to check the usage unless you limit users. If you have separate departments with people working for defined responsibilities, then you can control threat to data security as well. Selectively allow people to work on projects and limit users.
  • Software health: Having the latest technology in your firm is not enough. You must also ensure that it is in proper health. When you hire a company for developing your business software, make sure to check whether it is an approved firm. Go for accredited firms for data security. This will ensure your software have been built with impenetrable security. Such firms also take responsibility for maintaining the software. Therefore, it confirms your software health.

Successful entrepreneurs are not lucky but wise enough to invest in the right products and solutions. It is the right mix of strategy, business tools and solutions, and execution that creates a winning venture. So, make sure you know all the right ingredients, have them and implement them for creating the ultimate outcome.

Summary: The focus is on data because it is the key to great sales and brand sustainability. In this blog, we elaborately discuss why almost everyone is vying for useful data and how you can protect it.

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