Yo-kai Watch Blasters: Red Cat Corps for 3DS Reviews

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It really hurts to write this particular review, especially since I once admired this game with the utmost respect. When the acclaimed gamer Abdallah was making videos of the Japanese versions in order to support localization, watching his play throughs of this game especially brought me a lot of joy back when I was in middle school. But after experiencing this game again years later, the realization of what caused the fall of the Yo-Kai Watch series. The game opens up with a summarization of Terror Time, about how its a terrifying phenomenon where evil Yo-Kai run wild and attack the helpless spirits. That can’t be right. Terror Time is a nightmare that bad children have. The game constantly treats bosses like Gargaros and Sproink as villains and I really don’t appreciate it. Not only is the Yo-Kai lore backwards, but this is the most colorful Terror Time I’ve ever seen. The air of menace of the nightmare realm is vacant from this game. In fact I’ve really come to loathe the plot of this game. Many of the lead characters have now picked up annoying personalities and have lack a lot likability overall. Seeing Whisper go from a great support in Yo-Kai Watch 1 to a complete a creep in Yo-Kai Watch Blasters makes me ashamed to have once enjoyed this series. And Hovernyan follows up my disappointment by actin like a complete dumbass in Chapter 7 attacking his own friends. I got to ask, what’s with the writing of this game? There’s barely any context to sum up the events that happen in each level. Many of the in-game cutscenes consist of bland models just making gibberish that doesn’t match their dialogue. The voice-acting in general consists of strange catch phrases and unpleasing lines. I swear I’m hearing USApyon bellow the F-word with each attack, that take clearly needed more context because it doesn’t feel like I’m playing a kids game anymore. And that’s just because of the wording mind you, this is probably one off the most difficult games I’ve ever played on the 3DS. You wouldn’t believe how many difficulty spikes I’ve gone through in the post game. The boss fights are insanely challenging this time around. And despite this series being well known for designing great boss fights, I just despise them this time. The new Oni Orb currency system forces players to pay for experience, evolution, fusion, weapons, and even Soulcery. And that results in a miserable form of grinding that’s just as bad as the Digimon World DS games. It takes SO MUCH time to farm enough experience in order to stand a chance against these guys. And even then…these opponents have never-ending health bars that restrict any form of enjoyment in an instant. And if that wasn’t abysmal enough, many of the levels are just rematches against the same bosses over and over again. This fleshed out edition of the Blasters side-game from Yo-Kai Watch 2 is just incredibly painful. You have to wait to defeat the bosses with your puny attacks, then you have to wait some more farming Oni Orbs and equipment parts in order to stand a chance against the stronger bosses, RINSE AND REPEAT. And with each success, you’re awarded with another poorly thought out story cutscene that just leaves players with unsatisfied payoff. This game is just dead of variety, by the time I finished the Captain Thunder fight…I was exhausted from playing this repetitive mess. I’ve worked so hard to discover the secrets within the post game, but I just kept tasting regret. Yo-Kai Watch 1 and 2 just had such well balanced gameplay and imaginative worlds to explore. Each play through I discovered something new I love about the series. But thanks to the tremendous lack of polish from the developers, I’m afraid I can’t appreciate every game in the series like I used to. If there’s anything I could possibly appreciate about this game, is that the main game is loads more enjoyable than the post game. Just beating the basic challenges with a team of automatic recruits is a lot more enjoyable than wasting away trying to defeat the super bosses. The game encourages players to take on the ultimate challenges. But the biggest flaw in the advertising, is that these boss fights aren’t really fun to begin with. I’m still dodging the same annoying, speedy attacks in every boss level. My AI teammates are always getting murdered by attacks that pin them to walls. And the fights where you have to fight 2 big bosses at once are disgustingly hard. I don’t feel stronger from completing these challenges. Again, the past games had proper rewarding systems for players taking on the post game bosses. But here…I’m not being rewarded with anything with substance. I think was a mistake to flesh out the game so much and make tie in with the second movie, Heck it barely even describes the movie despite the big build in the Zazel Chapter. This game is as a result, a complete waste of time. Frustrating gameplay is what led to the demise of this series and like cliche magician I have to say, POOR SHOW. Expand



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