Yae Sakura Explained – Genshin Impact Adds New Honkai Waifu?


The finish of the Genshin Impact 1.5 livestream had a shock reveal of six new Inazuma idea artwork, concurrently teasing a model new character, although we solely bought to see her in SD – Who is that this character, and is she associated to Yae Sakura from Honkai Impact third?

If you’ve by no means performed Honkai (or skipped all of the dialogues) right here’s a abstract of what you must find out about Yae Sakura. Update: We modified this text with extra correct particulars from the Japanese wiki. Needless to say, this accommodates spoilers.


In Honkai Impact third, one other sport by Genshin developer miHoYo, Houkai is mainly the world’s immune system. It manifests when civilization reached some extent the place it may hurt the planet and the pure stability of the universe. Monsters like zombies, Houkai beasts, and so on, are created by corrupting clever life varieties with Houkai Energy. They act equally to an immune system, making an attempt to destroy humanity, who could be the virus.

The Houkai strengthens itself in sync with the civilization it tries to erase. The extra humanity tries to struggles towards the Houkai, the stronger the Houkai will get. Manifesting pure disasters, pandemics, wars, and so on. It’s a cycle that by no means ends.

When the story of Honkai Impact third begins, the previous cycle ended 50,000 years in the past, when humanity misplaced to the 14th Herrscher. In the present cycle, three Herrschers awakenings, additionally known as Impacts, have occurred up to now, however none of them destroyed humanity as a consequence of varied circumstances. This is the place the sport’s title comes from. It’s not simply an Eva reference.


Herrschers are people chosen by the Houkai. When a human turns into a Herrscher, they change into extremely highly effective, and a Herrscher Core is shaped of their our bodies, alongside a cut up persona known as Herrscher Personality. This persona takes over and urges them to destroy humanity. However, there are instances of people changing into a Herrscher with out switching to this cut up persona, changing into an ally of mankind as a substitute.

It’s additionally doable to forcibly make somebody a Herrscher by embedding a Herrscher Core or a fraction of it of their our bodies. It’s additionally doable for one Herrscher to have a number of Herrscher Cores. Lastly, it’s also possible to have Pseudo Herrschers, who don’t have their very own Core, however who might be simply as highly effective.

Who is Yae Sakura?

Yae Sakura is a playable character in Honkai Impact third. She was the Miko of her hometown Yae Village. Fighting Youkai (lifeforms corrupted by Houkai) who threatened the village, and taking good care of her sick sister, Yae Rin.

Yae Village had a fox guardian god, however whose true id was a Youkai. Because it was too highly effective, the villagers would supply it sacrifices to avoid wasting themselves, as a substitute of preventing it. Making up a guardian god legend round it.

One day, Sakura’s in poor health sister Rin was picked as the subsequent sacrifice. Even when being scarified, Rin didn’t hate the villagers and prayed for them, however Sakura couldn’t settle for it. While Sakura continued her job and guarded the village, she slowly began to want for revenge, feeding the Houkai.

Later on, someday, Sakura discovered Kallen Kaslana collapsed within the village’s outskirts. Kallen is the ancestor of Kiana Kaslana, one of many foremost characters of Honkai‘s foremost story. Alongside Kallen was a field containing Higokumaru, the need of the twelfth Herrscher, who could make somebody right into a Pseudo Herrscher.

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Sakura and Kallen

Yae Sakura and Kallen Kaslana, supporting one another, ended up falling in love with one another.

However, even then, Yae Sakura couldn’t forgive the villagers for killing her sister. The Houkai and the need of the twelfth Herrscher took benefit of Sakura’s hatred and want for revenge. Possessing her and awakening her right into a Pseudo Herrscher.

Yae Sakura, pushed by revenge, tried to destroy the village. She was in the end stopped by Kallen, who ended up preventing and sealing her lover.

500 years later, Yae Sakura was then discovered by Kiana Kaslana within the present Honkai Impact storyline.

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Similarities between Yae Sakura and the mysterious new Genshin character

Yae Sakura is a Miko, and a number of other skins and attires of hers in Honkai Impact third mirror that. The mysterious SD character teased on the Genshin 1.5 livestream has a Miko-like outfit as nicely. A whole lot of Sakura’s skins in Honkai are Japanese themed, with a kunoichi pores and skin, and so on. Which matches the Japan-inspired Inazuma in Genshin. And total, each characters look extremely comparable.

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Yae Sakura, Ayaka, and Inazuma

Moreover, it’s a recognized reality amongst Genshin followers (even GenshinTwT is aware of) that Ayaka Kamisato mentions a personality named Yae Sakura in her voiced strains. See Honey Impact.

Ayaka was playable within the first Closed Beta Test of Genshin Impact in early 2020, which wasn’t beneath any NDA. So you possibly can simply discover Ayaka gameplay anyplace. However, Ayaka has but to be launched within the official sport.

In her strains, with the gorgeous voice of veteran seiyuu Saori Hayami, Ayaka talks about Yae Sakura with plenty of respect. Again implying she’s a revered Miko and vital determine in Inazuma spirituality. Ayaka most notably mentions she’s at all times blissful to be working with Sakura, and says she’s very gifted at organizing occasions like festivals.

Is the brand new character Baal, the Electro Archon of Inazuma?

As we defined up to now, the Electro Archon in Genshin Impact has a number of names. She’s named Baal, however she’s additionally known as the Raiden Shogun.

There’s a foremost character in Honkai known as Raiden Mei. While we haven’t seen what the Electro Archon Baal appears like but, seeing she’s additionally known as Raiden Shogun, it’s very seemingly she’s going to look much like Mei. And that is what Mei appears like, (in her Herrscher of Thunder kind). She appears nothing just like the SD pink character from the Genshin 1.5 stream:

There are a number of Genshin Impact characters who look strikingly much like Honkai characters, or share the identical title. The unknown god within the intro appears much like the Herrscher of the Void from Honkai, and so they have the identical seiyuu, Rie Kugimiya. Both video games are related and are akin to parallel universes too.

Lastly, on the livestream, in response to fan translators, the mysterious character was launched as a fox, which might match Yae Sakura’s story and look. And as a good friend of Zhongli and Baal. So she will’t be Baal herself.

As such, the brand new mysterious character from the 1.5 livestream is probably going Genshin Impact world’s model of Yae Sakura from Honkai.

Her title is Guuji Yae (April 18, 2021 Update)

Update – The new character is called Guuji Yae (because of Genshin_Intel for pointing it out). The title Guuji Yae was talked about a number of months in the past by the Genshin Impact official Twitter and Facebook.

Genshin Impact 1.5 will launch on April 28. The PS5 model will launch then as nicely. For now the sport is obtainable on PS4, PC, and cellular. A Switch model was additionally introduced.

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