Why Lisa Vanderpump Doesn’t Think Stassi Is A Racist


Vanderpump Rules matriarch, Lisa Vanderpump has come out to publically say she doesn’t think Stassi Schroeder is a racist after being fired.

Vanderpump Rules’ matriarch Lisa Vanderpump has publicly said she doesn’t think Stassi Schroeder is a racist after being fired from the hit show. Back in June, Stassi was fired from Bravo after old audio revealed she had set up her co-star, Faith Stowers. Podcaster Stassi just welcomed her baby girl, Hartford, to the world, but she is still living in the shadows of her despicable deeds.

The mother of one is still receiving backlash over a caption on one of her selfies, which appeared to make light of mental health problems, not to mention her possibly racist remarks towards a former cast member. Stassi was fired from VPR due to this conduct, Kristen Doute, and two male cast members, Max Boyens and Brett Caprioni, were also let go. Recently, Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright were also removed from the reality show. The queen of social media is no stranger to controversy, but a lot of fans feel that she stepped way over the line. Now, the head honcho is speaking out.

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Page Six reported that Vanderpump finally spoke out about losing half her wait staff at SUR. Lisa made it clear to the outlet that what the blonde did was “stupid, not racist.” Many Bravo fans would beg to differ since she showed absolutely no remorse for her actions.

The 60-year-old condemned her staff’s actions but backed them all up, saying she did not feel her former employees were racist. The dog lover went on to say, “It wasn’t right what they did at all, but do I think they’re racist? 1,000 percent not. Because I have a lot of diverse people working for me that they’ve all been working very close to for many years.” Vanderpump doubles down as said, “Do I think it was a racist action? Not at all. I just think it was awful timing, and stupid and ignorant.” The Brit did tell the outlet that Stassi, in particular, had a “lack of awareness and lived in her own bubble,” which led to the Bravo network having to “do what they had to do.”

Even if Vaderpump doesn’t fully agree with some of the stars’ firing, Andy Cohen stood behind the network’s decision. Most fans are aware that Vanderpump Rules will not be returning to the small screen for some time but feel it was a sacrifice that had to be made since the offending stars did not belong on the show anymore.

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Source: Page Six

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