What The Marvel Universe Taught The Last Vermeer’s Guy Pearce About Playing A Villain


I suppose on some degree, I did not even view him as a hero or a villain. it was actually vital to grasp his historical past, it was simply vital to grasp that and I suppose, you already know, should you play anyone, until you are doing one thing that’s maybe of the Marvel Universe, the place you are simply enjoying a villainous character, and it is actually… fantastically type of tasty for an viewers. If you are doing one thing that’s considerably based mostly in actuality, I believe you possibly can’t assist however perceive, or attempt to perceive the motivations of anyone, even anyone who who commits homicide, or anyone who, you already know, commits some horrible acts of treason or no matter they occur to be. I am unable to assist however have some sense of sympathy, no less than to the purpose the place I’m going, ‘Well, I’m just curious to know where that comes from. I’m just curious to know why that happened. And as vile as it might have been, what’s the reason for it?’ I’m so interested by human nature and conduct and psychology, I suppose.




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