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What Is Behind The U.S. Navy’s ‘UFO’ Fusion Energy Patent?


When Dr. Salvatore Cezar Pais, an aerospace engineer on the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD), filed a patent for a “Plasma Compression Fusion Device” in 2019, it was both an enormous breakthrough – or mad science. According to the patent application, the miniature system might comprise and maintain fusion reactions able to producing energy within the gigawatt (1 billion watts) to terawatt (1 trillion watts) vary or extra. A big coal plant or mid-size nuclear powered reactor by comparability produces power within the 1–2 gigawatt vary. The revolutionary invention by Dr. Pais, if actual, would produce close to limitless clear power from one thing no bigger than a sports activities utility automobile.

Dr. Pais’ fusion system is amongst a handful of outlandish applied sciences dubbed “The UFO patents” which have, in some form or kind, been pursued by the U.S. Navy.

I’ve written earlier than with some skepticism on the implications of Dr. Pais’ purported compact fusion reactor for U.S. power independence. The physicist seems to have bona fide credentials together with a Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon, and revealed a few of his work, whereas a lot is presumably categorised.

He has been employed by the Pentagon for many years. And this isn’t the primary patent filed in his identify, and all of them seem centered round what he calls the Pais Effect. Dr. Pais posits that by controlling the accelerated spin or vibration of electrically charged matter, excessive power electromagnetic fields might be produced.

One proposed use for such fields is an “electromagnetic field generator” system which could possibly be utilized to change the trajectory of earthbound asteroids over a time frame. While the patent makes clear that such a tool would work solely on “small” asteroids of underneath roughly 100 meters size or much less, it isn’t onerous to understand the curiosity of any protection company in offering contingencies for such a situation.

Dr. Pais’ “inertial mass reduction device” is considered one of his most extraordinary patents. This expertise suggests manipulation of quantum area fluctuations which might scale back a automobile’s inertial and gravitational mass, permitting it to journey at hitherto unseen speeds. The motive the speed of light is one thing of a common pace restrict is that mass will increase to infinite as one reaches it, demanding infinite power to proceed shifting. The capability to cut back mass might have unimaginable implications for the way forward for house journey. Only sooner than gentle speeds of journey would enable the humanity to enterprise exterior of the photo voltaic system.

His High Temperature Superconductor patent would, like a fusion system, revolutionize world power techniques. Superconductors haven’t any electrical resistance, which means electrical energy might be transferred with out lack of power to limitless distances. That might imply fairly a drop in power prices, however getting any superconductor to function whilst heat as room temperature is a longstanding downside.

Last however not least is what Pais calls a high frequency gravitational wave generator. The patent purports that the electromagnetic fields created by the Pais Effect could possibly be intersected, producing waves of gravity upon which a spaceship might propel itself to its vacation spot. Such waves is also used to deflect asteroids extra effectively or talk by means of strong objects.

Any considered one of these “UFO” patents would remodel fashionable science and society. It is perhaps too early to interrupt out the champagne, although. While Dr. Pais has spoken confidently about his work prior to now, the Navy lately threw cold water on hopes of a breakthrough.

Queries about his experiments had been met with affirmation {that a} three-year $508,000 evaluation had discovered no proof of the Pais Effect. For now a minimum of, the percentages are good that the Navy might not lead the power revolution, whereas President Joe Biden expends political capital squaring off towards fossil gas firms.

That brings us again to his fusion system. Even if Dr. Pais is incorrect, it doesn’t imply fusion goes to remain the stuff of science fiction without end, although. The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) venture, an initiative with roots stretching again to a November 1985 summit between Reagan and Gorbachev, is presently scheduled to generate its first “small star” in November 2025. Various projects are racing them there, all with that shared purpose of 2025.

All that is to say that fusion would possibly now not be perpetually thirty years away.

With some tangible, well-funded tasks underway, it raises the query of why the Navy has beforehand gone to bat for Dr. Pais — and his concepts, which appear significantly forward of their time if not outright implausible. The different potentialities are value pondering although.

Occam’s Razor would recommend there is perhaps one thing there. A real breakthrough in theoretical physics so superior would require severe and well-funded lab work and prototype experimentation for years and even many years. Think of the long journey from J.J. Thompson’s discovery of the electron (1897) and Rutherford’s atomic mannequin (1911) to the Manhattan Project (1939-1946). There are defense applications to most physics breakthroughs, and that’s loads incentive to put money into any potential Enrico Fermi, Niels Bohr, Albert Einstein, or Andrey Sakharov. The patents could possibly be a type of hedging, making certain the United States can declare it was there first.

A second rationalization is that may be a U.S. disinformation operation to entice our adversaries into spending billions of {dollars} on dead-end analysis. That was kind of the preliminary pondering behind President Reagan’s “Star Wars” initiative. By faking data, the officers behind this system hoped to entice the Soviets to burn billions for a then-non-viable space-based missile protection system. Sending China on a wild goose chase for the Pais Effect can be a intelligent use of half 1,000,000 {dollars}. Otherwise, his analysis can be deeply categorised and never patented.

Lastly, and most on the market, Dr. Pais’ patents could possibly be a canopy for alien expertise. If the current disclosure by the Pentagon of potential encounters with extraterrestrial artifacts is true, such expertise could also be within the U.S. Government’s possession. Talk a few low chance, excessive affect occasion!

I’m not certain if we’ll see Faster Than Light house journey any time quickly, however with or with out Dr. Salvatore Cezar Pais, the race for fusion energy is on, and we’re prone to see a profitable outcome inside our lifetime.

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