What Has Happened to the Air in Mumbai? Asks Juhi Chawla


The Covid-19 induced lockdown wasn’t so bad after all, feels Juhi Chawla, because it gave us the blessing of breathing low-pollution and fresh air for a few months. Juhi expressed her opinion in a tweet on Tuesday while expressing concern over the worsening air quality of the city.

“What has happened to the air in Mumbai..?? I tried to walk in my balcony… and I felt like I was inhaling dust… only dust. Maybe the lockdown wasn’t so bad after all, I remember the air being so blissfully clear,” she wrote.

Reacting to Juhi’s tweet, actress Dia Mirza expressed her concern over the deteriorating air quality in the city.

“It’s been awful!!! Is it construction dust, waste burning, stubble burning, industrial emissions or all? Mumbai has had worse #AQI than Delhi since the beginning of this year. So much for being a coastal city. Doesn’t seem to make a difference anymore,” Dia Mirza tweeted in response to Juhi.

On Sunday, Juhi Chawla had shared photographs of the city’s skyline on social media and pointed out: “There is no clean air in Mumbai, just a lousy heavy dusty smog!!!”




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