What are the best sources of vitamin D?


Vitamin D is crucial for the body’s overall health and wellbeing, as it keeps your bones and muscles healthy. The so-called ‘sunshine’ vitamin also protects against a number of other medical conditions, including rickets and osteomalacia. What are the best sources of vitamin D?

Vitamin D is used to regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body.

Calcium and phosphate are both important for protecting your bones, teeth and muscles.

Without enough vitamin D in your diet, you could be at risk of a deficiency, which increases the risk of some medical conditions.

But making sure you eat plenty of vitamin D-rich foods is the perfect way to avoid developing a deficiency.

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The body also naturally produces vitamin D when it comes in contact with direct sunlight.

But during the winter months, the Earth’s axis is slightly tilted, and the body struggles to produce enough of the vitamin.

It’s therefore recommended that everyone takes a 10mcg vitamin D supplement daily.

It’s even more important to take a daily supplement during the 2020/2021 winter period, as more people are staying indoors than ever before.