We’re emotionally exhausted. But we can get through it.


Well, last week was both a good and bad week to take a “vacation.”

While spending some time off at home (mostly playing board games, watching “Frasier” and cuddling with Apollo), I got the news about the riot at the U.S. Capitol through breaking news alerts, on TV and in text messages from friends and family. Since I wasn’t working, I wasn’t consumed with newsroom chats, editorial tasks and writing like I often am during tragic and scary events. 

Turns out, I rely on that distraction as a coping skill far more than I realized. Without a long to do list and the buzz of work to keep my mind busy, I had to use other coping strategies to get through the week. I leaned on my support system. I exercised. I let my husband take my phone so I’d stop doom-scrolling. And it helped. Even just a little bit. 




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