WandaVision Popularity Makes Marvel Comics Reprint Scarlet Witch and Vision Books


Marvel Comics is reprinting some common Scarlet Witch and Vision books after WandaVision took the world by storm. A report from Entertainment Weekly says that the corporate shall be bringing again Vision by Tom King and Gabriel Hernandez Walta, Scarlet Witch by James Robinson and quite a lot of artists, and Vision and Scarlet Witch by Steve Englehart with Don Heck and Bill Mantlo on artwork. 2005’s House of M will even be getting the reprint therapy too. It would appear as if we live in a golden period of curiosity in Wanda Maximoff and her robotic husband. Fans can be fast to notice that none of those tales straight mirror the overall WandaVision plot. But, every of them has components that present up within the Disney+ present in a single vogue or one other. So, comics followers who missed out earlier than can rejoice because the bodily editions change into somewhat bit simpler to purchase now.

As the franchise strikes ahead, Kevin Feige has careworn that followers who skip these Disney+ reveals needn’t fear an excessive amount of about being misplaced within the motion pictures. The Marvel Studio head man is making an attempt to create some tales that enrich the characters outdoors of the flicks, however nonetheless permit followers to enter the theatrical experiences with out an encyclopedic data of the heroes’ journeys.

“The reaction [to WandaVision has] been great,” Feige said in a recent interview. “It’s been fun. It’s essentially like a new opening weekend every week because we would always go around to theaters back when we used to do that and get reactions online from people in the theatre. Now it’s the same thing. It’s fun, depending on what coast you’re on, to stay up late and listen or watch the reaction [in] real-time. I would say it’s unveiling very much in the way we hoped it would, that we designed the series to provide a dialogue week to week, knowing that we were going to release them each week by week.

He added, “If we were ever going to change that, then maybe we’d think about a different version. But even when you binge things, I still like that hook at the end of an episode. But I would say it’s continued what we like about the ending of our movies or the tag in our movies, just with a more immediate week-to-week structure. So we’ll keep proceeding that way until we learn something new and have to shift.”

Will you be shopping for The Vision if it turns into obtainable once more or perhaps Engelhart’s Scarlet Witch sequence? Let us know down within the feedback!




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