WandaVision Episode 3 Has One Of Kevin Smith’s Favorite Marvel Scenes


WandaVision episode 3 might have only dropped hours ago, but one of its key moments is already in Kevin Smith’s top 10 MCU scenes of all time.

Warning: This post contains WandaVision episode 3 spoilers.

WandaVision episode 3, “Now In Color,” has one of Kevin Smith’s favorite scenes in Marvel history. Making its debut on Disney+ just last week, WandaVision is the first of a slew of episodic MCU content coming to the streaming service over the next few years, and the series celebrates the jump to television by parodying the history of American sitcoms. Reactions to the first two episodes from both critics and fans have been positive, meaning a lot of people have the next few Fridays circled on their calendars.

One of those people is undoubtedly Kevin Smith, a director whose debut movie Clerks remains a landmark for independent filmmaking. In addition to being a lifelong fan of comic books who incorporates that fandom into his movies (even operating within his own shared universe), Smith has written storylines for both Marvel and DC and even owns his own comic book store. He’s one of the most well-known voices in the Marvel fandom, reportedly inspiring Chris Hemsworth to shake up Thor in Thor: Ragnarok, and he even exists within the MCU as of a Mallrats reference in Captain Marvel.

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Kevin Smith often shares his immediate reactions to MCU content on Twitter and the director seems very taken with WandaVision episode 3, which dropped on Disney+ today. Careful to avoid spoilers but clearly dying to discuss the episode, Smith alludes to a particular scene with a screenshot of Wanda/Scarlet Witch actress Elizabeth Olsen that he was particularly impressed by. He already rates the scene among his 10 favorites in the history of Marvel Studios and praises its craft at every level, singling out Olsen’s performance in it as worthy of TV’s highest honor.

Kevin Smith WandaVision tweet

Viewers who have seen the new WandaVision episode will know immediately which moment Smith is referring to, and it is certainly an emotional one. After Wanda has given birth to twin sons, Billy and Tommy, she mournfully shares with Geraldine (played by Teyonah Parris) that she too is a twin and that her brother’s name was Pietro. This seems to trigger a memory in Geraldine, who asks if he was killed by Ultron, referencing Pietro/Quicksilver’s death in the climactic battle of Avengers: Age of Ultron back in 2015. As Wanda interrogates Geraldine, who tries to fall back into her happy sitcom-behavior, Olsen and Parris subtly display a range of emotions that communicate a struggle between the two characters, the exact nature of which remains a mystery. The scene ends with Geraldine being cast out of the forcefield-protected town of Westview, presumably by Wanda.

It’s difficult to imagine many fans disagreeing with Smith on this one, as the excellent scene hints at a deeper conflict at the heart of WandaVision‘s sitcom parodies without revealing too much concrete information about the show’s mystery. Olsen has discussed how such moments of collision between the sitcom-world and the larger MCU are the most interesting to her as a performer, and she gets to show why in this episode. Whether or not scenes like this make her Emmy-worthy is up for debate, but she can expect at least one Marvel-loving filmmaker to campaign for her when the time comes.

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