Victoria Neuman Hid Her Powers To Kill Homelander


The Boys’ season 2 finale revealed Victoria Neuman had powers all alongside and he or she would possibly’ve hid them to kill Homelander with out suspicion.

The Boys season 2 launched Congresswoman Victoria Neuman, a strong supe after Vought-International, and the explanation she hid her powers is likely to be as a result of she secretly needs to kill Homelander. The Amazon collection has at all times been a shocking one on the subject of its many twists and turns. However, of all of the characters in The Boys season 2, Victoria Neuman having superhuman talents could have confirmed essentially the most shocking one in every of all. 

The season 2 finale not solely revealed Victoria as a supe, however that she’d been working alongside the top of the Church of the Collective, Alastair Adana, to gather info on Vought — particularly, his intel on Stormfront’s Nazi plans (which A-Train stole for Starlight and Hughie, who leaked it to the press) aided Victoria immensely in her battle towards the highly effective company. With Hughie going to work for Victoria’s political marketing campaign on the finish of season 2 and actress Claudia Doumit being promoted to a collection common for The Boys season 3, all indicators level to Victoria being a significant participant shifting ahead.

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Victoria’s backstory continues to be comparatively mysterious. What is evident is that she despises Vought, the Seven, and all that they stand for. Victoria is clearly planning one thing large from the shadows and it’s attainable her targets embody bringing down Homelander at the start. In reality, the lethal supe could be the cause behind Victoria concealing her explosive powers to start with. 

Why Victoria Neuman’s Powers Are Important

victoria neuman

Congresswoman Victoria Neuman instantly set herself up as a key participant in The Boys season 2. Much of her political marketing campaign included going after Vought, holding accountable their corruption and their makes an attempt to militarize superhumans. Ever for the reason that finish of season 2, followers have been questioning why precisely Victoria stored her powers — which entails the power to explode folks’s heads from a distance, seemingly with the facility of her thoughts — a secret and the way she was planning to make use of them with sooner or later.

The revelation of Victoria’s powers solved sure season 2 mysteries, together with the surprising homicide of CIA deputy director Susan Raynor, Alastair’s dying, and the quite a few quantity of exploding heads throughout the congressional listening to for Vought. However, Victoria hiding her powers from everybody in The Boys suggests she was doing so for a particular cause. It’s attainable she didn’t wish to use them in public and out herself as a supe simply but as a result of she supposed to make use of her powers towards Homelander. Victoria is clearly calculated and sensible; if she needed the world to know she had superhuman talents, she most likely would have revealed them by now. However, she appears intent on working within the shadows to advance her targets and showcasing her powers might blow her cowl.

Why Victoria Didn’t Hide Her Powers In The Boys For Her Job

The Boys Season 2 Finale Victoria Neuman Meets Hughie

As a congresswoman, Victoria Neuman is underneath intense scrutiny by the media and the general public. For essentially the most half, supes are handled like celebrities in The Boys and Victoria coming clear about her powers whereas working as a authorities official might complicate her job and speaking factors. While there’s no telling how her colleagues and the general public would possibly react to her powers, it’s unlikely Victoria hid her talents due to her job. After all, the world idolizes superheroes (to a fault) and it’s uncertain she hid her powers for concern of dropping her job. Supes are largely thought of property and the revelation of her talents might need truly aided Victoria’s platform to an extent and, on the very least, would have created consciousness to enrich her arguments.

Victoria Neuman’s Relationship With Homelander

Antony Starr as Homelander in The Boys

Victor is clearly towards Vought. Her efforts all through The Boys season 2 made that very clear. By the top of the season, she was operating the Office of Superhuman Affairs, which aligns together with her earlier arguments towards the corrupt and highly effective company. However, taking down a whole company construction that’s so carefully intertwined with the federal government and its officers is not any straightforward feat. Victoria’s goals could presently be directed towards taking down Homelander since he’s the largest and most public image of Vought. 

When talking with Lamplighter, a former member of the Seven, Victoria says she needs to “bring down the king.” It’s attainable she was alluding to Homelander, who’s the bodily manifestation of Vought’s energy and the face of the corporate around the globe. He’s additionally heralded as a hero, which maintains Vought’s good picture as properly. It’s why Stan Edgar, Vought’s CEO, was fast to throw Stormfront underneath the bus because the orchestrator of the Nazi plan on the finish of The Boys season 2, leaving the corporate and Homelander out of it. Bringing down Homelander is likely to be the important thing to weakening Vought, which is what Victoria might take into account, thus rupturing the corporate’s whole energy construction.  

Victoria Neuman Hid Her Powers To Kill Homelander

victoria neuman kill homelander

Victoria Neuman hiding her powers is not any coincidence in The Boys season 2 and it’s attainable she hid them from the general public so she might ultimately kill Homelander in secret. If her intention is to strip Vought of its energy, the easiest way to take action is by eliminating their greatest asset. What’s extra, if Homelander turned conscious of Victoria’s talents, he’d be extra cautious of her. In this vein, it will make sense why Victoria would wish to preserve them underneath wraps. For now, Homelander doesn’t actually consider she’s an actual menace as a result of he’s underneath the impression Victoria is a median particular person with no superior talents. 

Witnessing Victoria in motion throughout season 2 reveals how simply she might kill Homelander with out anybody being the wiser. After all, the viewers watched as she blew up Alastair’s head and walked away together with her palms clear. In the comics, it’s Black Noir who kills Homelander, however The Boys pushed him out of the operating on the finish of season 2. Being taken down by a nut allergy doesn’t precisely bode properly for a last showdown between Black Noir and Homelander and the collection hasn’t adopted the comics precisely anyway, so it’s unlikely it will ever come to go. 

With all that in thoughts, Victoria has the facility and the chance to kill Homelander in Black Noir’s place. The Boys is increase in the direction of one thing main for Victoria Neuman’s storyline and, contemplating her private agenda towards Vought and her secret talents, Homelander could very properly be subsequent on her kill checklist. She could possibly be ready for essentially the most opportune second to execute him and, as a result of she hid her powers, Homelander would by no means see it coming. It’s attainable that is what she’s had in thoughts from the beginning and has spent years setting issues in movement. The Boys has been filled with surprises and, contemplating how little the viewers is aware of about Victoria’s big-picture plans, her actions in season 3 could be the most surprising of all. 

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