Valheim Workbench Upgrades – How To Enhance Your Crafting Station To Level 5


The Workbench in Valheim is extra like your crafting workhorse. It’s the primary crafting desk you may construct if you begin to set up your viking base, and it stays important throughout the sport, permitting you to craft key objects like arrows and to assemble buildings even after you have moved on to greater-stage supplies. The Workbench is without doubt one of the first stuff you’ll craft, however upgrading it would take some work–and unlock some key objects you may want alongside the best way.

Here’s every part that you must know to get your Workbench going, together with some necessities that may not be apparent straight away, what it’s going to price to make, and what advantages it’s going to provide you with as you discover Valheim.

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Workbench Level 1

  • Cost: 10 Wood
  • Requirements: Needs a roof
  • Unlocks: Buildings, bonfire, mattress, crafting stations, rag armor, wooden weapons, wooden shields, Antler Pickaxe, hoe, tankard

You can craft a few instruments out of sticks and rocks if you first begin Valheim, however with a view to make absolutely anything else, you may have to construct a Workbench. There are some things it is best to bear in mind earlier than you seize 10 items of wooden and throw down your bench in any outdated spot, nevertheless.

First, having a Workbench routinely augments your hammer, permitting you to construct new stuff–so simply having a Workbench is an enchancment that you must make. But you possibly can’t truly craft something on the Workbench straight away, which suggests you possibly can’t use it to make new weapons or armor proper after you make it. In order to make something on the bench, that you must construct a roof over it, which could be an annoying further step.

With the Workbench constructed, nevertheless, your Hammer will acquire the flexibility to assemble constructing items from wooden. It’s fairly simple to throw up three partitions and a thatch roof to create a fast device shed round a Workbench, and in a pinch this may do. If you are planning to construct a much bigger base, you would possibly wish to suppose just a little extra critically about the place you need your Workbench, and the constructing that can encompass it, to be. Then once more, you possibly can all the time bust every part up and transfer it round together with your Hammer, since Valheim refunds all building supplies if you disassemble one thing from the Build menu.

Once you have crafted a Workbench, you may make all types of important issues, together with a mattress that can let you set a brand new respawn level, a bonfire that can let you get the important Rested bonus, and a cooking station to make meals.

You may use any Workbench to restore something are you able to craft from it, freed from charge–so do not go constructing a bunch of additional axes or bows as soon as the sturdiness of 1 runs out. It’s good observe to simply cease by your Workbench periodically and nail that Repair button a bunch of instances to ensure your gear is in tip-prime form.

To additional improve your Workbench, you may have to create different key buildings inside the bench’s radius.

Workbench Level 2 – Chopping Block

  • Cost: 10 Wood, 10 Flint
  • Unlocks: Deer Hide armor, Abyssal Razor, Stagbreaker, Flinthead arrows, Fire arrows, Poison arrows, Wolf Fur cape, Lox cape, Linen cape

The capacity to create a Chopping Block unlocks as soon as you discover Flint, which you’ll snag close to water. You’ll want this improve to get higher armor and some key weapons–including new arrow varieties. A Level 2 bench will get you loads of objects and whilst you’ll have to improve to succeed in greater-tier gear, loads of the stuff you may use for many of the sport requires a Chopping Block. That’s one thing it is best to bear in mind should you make a number of benches–it’s often good to deliver them as much as Level 2 so you might have extra handy places for making arrows.

Find good locations to maintain your Workbench enhancements; so long as their inside a sure radius, they will work together with your bench (so perhaps do not depart them in the best way like we did).

Workbench Level 3 – Tanning Rack

  • Cost: 10 Wood, 15 Flint, 5 Deer Hide, 20 Leather Scraps
  • Unlocks: Troll Hide armor, Obsidian arrows

The Tanning Rack is the final main improve to your Workbench for making armor. After this improve, you may transfer on to creating metallic armor at a Forge, however do not sleep on Troll Hide, which could be very useful in coping with the Black Forest and beginning to enterprise into Swamps.

Workbench Level 4 – Adze

  • Cost: 10 Fine Wood, 3 Bronze
  • Requirements: Forge (inside radius)
  • Unlocks: Frost arrow, Needle arrow

You will not be capable of make an Adze till you defeat Eikthyr, craft the Antler Pickaxe, and begin mining Tin and Copper. You’ll additionally want a Forge, so ensure that to construct it inside the radius of your Workbench, so as to additionally construct your Adze. There aren’t too many stuff you want the Level 4 Workbench to construct, however it would let you proceed to improve your objects.

Be sure to leave yourself wall space near your workbench to craft a Tool Shelf.
Be positive to go away your self wall area close to your workbench to craft a Tool Shelf.

Workbench Level 5 – Tool Shelf

  • Cost: 1 Fine Wood, 4 Iron, 4 Obsidian
  • Requirements: Wall area close to Workbench
  • Unlocks: Equipment upgrades

The last improve for the Workbench does not unlock a lot in the best way of recent objects, however it’s important to maintain upgrading your varied different objects and instruments. To unlock it, you may have to construct a Tool Shelf, which works on the wall close to the Workbench, so be sure you’ve left sufficient area in your constructing to position one. This final improve additionally requires gathering Obsidian, which is just discovered within the Mountain biome. The chilly Mountain climate will kill you should you do not make Frost Resist potions, so hold that in thoughts. You’ll additionally want an Iron Pickaxe to mine Obsidian, nevertheless it’s comparatively simple to seek out when you begin climbing into Mountains.

Other Workbench Tips

Not Every Workbench Needs A Roof

Especially as you advance into the sport, you may begin to increase your base and enterprise out into the world to make extra outposts, particularly as you begin to discover Iron in distant Swamp biomes. Workbenches are important to increasing bases and outposts, but when a Workbench is not your essential one the place you may be doing most of your crafting work, do not trouble upgrading it. You can get most issues carried out with a base-stage Workbench with regards to constructing. If you are not meaning to craft at a specific Workbench, you needn’t trouble throwing a roof over it, so save your self the effort.

Put Workbenches Near The Edges Of Your Base

Enemies will not spawn inside the radius of a Workbench, so you should use benches close to the perimeters of your base as further protection. You’ll wish to you should definitely put the Workbenches away from the place massive enemies like trolls would possibly smash them, however coupled with a moat and different defenses, a Workbench close to the border of your territory may help to maintain it just a little extra clear.

You Don’t Have To Build Inside The Workbench Radius

Yes, Workbenches create a radius round themselves that permits for constructing, however that does not imply your buildings should be inside that radius. You can truly add stuff exterior of the ring, supplied you are standing inside it. That’s helpful to know if you’re making an attempt to make repairs on sure constructions or vehicles–namely boats.

If you are caught with decrease-stage armor and weapons, you possibly can nonetheless get loads of utility out of it through the use of the Upgrade tab. Even Rag and Deer Hide armor could be fairly helpful when it is upgraded.

Don’t Sleep On Upgrading Your Gear

Unlocking new recipes and climbing the tech tree is sweet, however word that your Workbench will let you improve stuff you already personal, usually fairly considerably and at a decrease price than constructing all new issues. You can get far on this planet by regularly upgrading your decrease-stage weapons and armor, and should you’ve bought the assets from preventing early-sport enemies particularly, it is price it to take action. Even upgrading instruments could be helpful over the long run since it’s going to improve their sturdiness, which means you can do extra out on this planet earlier than returning to your Workbench to restore them. It could be simple to disregard the Upgrade tab in your Workbench, however amping up your gear may help you keep alive longer and courageous more durable biomes even earlier than you get greater-tier armor and weapons.

Use Workbenches To Quickly Dismantle Ruined Buildings

A helpful early tip is to construct your base on a ruined village or city you would possibly come throughout, since it’s going to provide you with a less expensive, faster option to get some constructions created whilst you’re advancing up the Valheim tech bushes and getting acquainted with the sport. These villages are additionally nice fast sources for assets, since you possibly can repurpose the wooden in a constructing you do not wish to construct one you do. Don’t trouble chopping away at a constructing you are making an attempt to stage for wooden, though–instead, whip up a fast Workbench subsequent to the constructing and use your hammer to dismantle it practically immediately. It’ll save your axe and get the job carried out far more rapidly.

Make Boat Repair Stations For Your Adventures

Before lengthy, you may in all probability wish to begin exploring your Valheim world to go in the hunt for new biomes and new supplies to advance your viking. To do this, you are going to have to construct a ship. The excellent news is you can cobble collectively a raft with low-stage assets, however you may nonetheless want a Workbench close to water to construct it. Making a small boathouse close to the place you plan to land your craft is definitely a good suggestion, nevertheless, since boats could be destroyed by aquatic creatures or smashing them into underwater rocks too usually, and the one option to restore them is with a close-by Workbench. As you discover, it is a good suggestion to create small Workbench stations in probably spots the place you plan to land your boat. That’ll let you restore or assemble new craft if that you must, whereas additionally supplying you with semi-everlasting waypoints the place you possibly can construct bonfires and different helpful objects to assist make exploring simpler.

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