Valheim Iron Guide: How To Find Scrap Iron And Make Iron Gear


While all sources in Valheim take an funding of effort and time to uncover and use, Iron is especially robust to return by. You’ll get to it about midway by means of your quest by means of the sport, however in contrast to Copper and Tin, which you will use to make Bronze for weapons and armor, Iron is not obtainable to mine at first. Instead, you’ll be able to solely discover Iron in particular locations within the Swamp biome, and it is not possible to unlock these areas with out taking down the boss of the Black Forest, The Elder.

Here’s every thing you have to know to reap Iron, together with the place you may get it, what you have to do to earn it, and what you’ll be able to flip it into upon getting it.

What To Do First

Before you are prepared to begin harvesting and utilizing Iron, you have to make some severe strides by means of the Meadows and Black Forest biomes. Iron is situated within the Swamp biome, which is house to some robust clients in Valheim’s mid-game. The Swamps have enemies that wield poison, like Blobs, plus more durable combatants comparable to Draugrs who could make fast work of you with their bows for those who’re not paying consideration.

To hold within the Swamp, you are going to wish to spend money on Bronze armor. Once you have defeated Eikthyr, Valheim’s Meadows boss, you will acquire the Hard Antler, which you’ll flip right into a pickaxe. Use that to mine Tin (discovered close to water) and Copper (discovered within the Black Forest), which you’ll mix at a Forge to make Bronze. Combined with leather-based, you can also make Bronze clothes that can provide much more safety than the Leather and Troll armor you have in all probability been carrying. You’ll additionally wish to spend money on Bronze weapons and a Finewood bow.

Once you have obtained higher gear, begin looking for Swamps. These darkish areas border the ocean and are marked by sparse timber and muddy areas which can be robust to traverse. You do not simply need any Swamps, though–you’re looking for dungeon constructions within the Swamp known as Sunken Crypts. You will not be capable of enter these instantly, however mark them in your map as a result of they’re your focus whenever you go looking for Iron.

The Elder holds a Swamp Key, which you will must enter the areas the place you could find Scrap Iron.

Defeat The Elder

Once you have obtained Bronze armor and a greater bow, you are able to take in your second goal in Valheim: the Elder, the Black Forest boss. You’ll must find its altar by interacting with rune tablets, that are normally situated in underground Burial Chambers or close to destroyed stone towers. Check out our .

Destroying the Elder will get you a Swamp Key, which you will want to really find the Iron that is hidden in any Swamp space. The Swamp Key can open the aforementioned Sunken Crypts, the one locations the place you could find Iron at this level within the recreation. You’ll additionally want the important thing to seek out and take down Bonemass, the Swamp biome boss and the subsequent goal in your hitlist.

You won't find Iron anywhere else but in Sunken Crypts at this stage in the game. You'll know these Swamp dungeons by their green torches.
You will not discover Iron anyplace else however in Sunken Crypts at this stage within the recreation. You’ll know these Swamp dungeons by their inexperienced torches.

Explore The Sunken Crypts

Hopefully you have marked some Sunken Crypt areas by now and may put your Swamp Key to work. Crypts are much like Burial Chambers in that they often include enemies–in this case, Draugrs–so watch out as you open doorways or clear pathways. Try to take out Draugrs from a distance for those who see them each time doable, since you do not wish to get caught in a good location the place it is robust to flee from hassle. Crypts are additionally pretty flooded, which might make it tough to get round within the midst of a struggle.

You’ll discover Scrap Iron in two areas inside Sunken Crypts–first, within the varied chests which can be scattered by means of these dungeons, and second, in Muddy Scrap Piles. The latter are huge black piles of goo in Sunken Crypts, normally blocking doorways. You can smash by means of them together with your pickaxe, though you will discover that the Hard Antler Pickaxe would require pretty common repairs as you go.

You'll need a Smelter, a Kiln, and a Forge upgraded to Level 2 if you want to make Iron weapons and armor.
You’ll want a Smelter, a Kiln, and a Forge upgraded to Level 2 if you wish to make Iron weapons and armor.

Smelt And Forge Your Iron

The final step for constructing Iron armor and weapons is to smelt it as you’d Copper and Tin. You’ll want a Smelter in your base to take action, which is able to seemingly additionally require a Kiln, which might produce the Coal you have to run the Smelter.

If you are using portals in your adventures, you will additionally wish to word that metals like Scrap Iron cannot be carried by means of them–you’ll should stroll or sail together with your Iron haul to convey it to different areas. Because of this, it is a good suggestion to attempt to discover Swamps with a number of Sunken Crypts and construct an outpost base close to them the place you are able to do your Iron forging. You can journey by means of portals with armor and weapons, however not with metals that have not been cast yet–so save your self quite a lot of marching or crusing by making your gear close to the place you discover your Iron and use portals to journey as an alternative.

With Iron gear, you ought to be robust sufficient to tackle Bonemass. Defeating it can earn you the Wishbone, which you should utilize to seek out buried Iron outdoors of Sunken Crypts. You’ll additionally want it to find Silver, the subsequent steel you will require to amplify your gear.

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