Traditional Dishes To Feast On This Punjabi New Year


A spring harvest competition, Baisakhi is widely known with myriad delicacies ready with loads of love in Punjabi households. It is an ode to nature for her blessing of fruitful abundance. Celebrated on the primary day of Baisakh, this competition of harvest (a time when Rabi crops are harvested) has many yellow-colored meals in its delicacies.

The defining function of this event being a luxurious and yummy feast, let’s check out the standard dishes to gorge on this Punjabi harvest competition:

Meethe Peeley Chawal: This very conventional dish is ready specifically throughout Baisakhi. Made with dry fruits like apricots or anjeer, raisins, peaches, almonds, pistachios, and fragrant spices like cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon, the cooked rice tastes heavenly. Addition of sugar syrup and saffron (giving a yellowish hue) notch up the appear and feel of the palatable meals.

Kesar Phirni: It is an beautiful dish richly ready dish on this special day with the beneficiant use of wealthy milk and rice. Sprinkling saffron on the creamy, semi-condensed prime of the dessert simply brightens up the dish. Along with it, one ought to add some dry fruits to reinforce the style.

Mango lassi: A cooling, scrumptious and sweetened curd-based drink ready with seasonal ripe mangoes is an incredible delicacy in Punjab and Haryana, however is equally beloved everywhere in the nation. A tall glass of this signature, conventional summer time beverage beloved by Punjabis may be relished in both salty or candy kind.

Kada Prashad: This may be very acquainted but much-coveted dessert, also called Atta halwa. Gurudwaras everywhere in the nation distribute Kada Prashad to devotees.

Pindi Chhole: Another typical Punjabi dish that’s feasted upon is that this irresistible chickpea dish. It is made by making chickpea paste, to which an assortment of spices — black pepper, cardamom, cloves, bay leaves, and cinnamon — is added. People relish it with uncooked onion slices, tomato slices, and inexperienced chilies.

Coconut laddoos: Also often known as nariyal ke laddoo, these are integral to Baisakhi’s conventional meals gadgets. Prepared with grated coconut, semolina, sugar, condensed milk, and ghee, these sweetmeats are very binge-worthy.

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