Thor Takes on a Shocking New Form


Marvel’s God of Thunder has positively been put to the take a look at over time, going up towards foes that require him to make use of his powers in some sudden methods. That was particularly the case for the recently-released Thor #13, which noticed Thor being put to the take a look at towards a former ally. To fight the issue — and likewise arrange an epic cliffhanger for what’s forward — the problem ended with Thor actually becoming a member of forces with a very sudden ally. Spoilers for Thor #13 from Donny Cates, Nic Klein, Matt Wilson, and VC’s Joe Sabino beneath! Only look if you wish to know!

The subject sees Thor butting heads with Donald Blake, the human whose identification Thor beforehand took on as an alter-ego. Blake has been pushed to the brink of madness by being trapped in a hidden dimension, and his present aspirations are to tear aside the World Tree with a view to achieve the All-Power that is inside. After a sequence of occasions, Thor decides to name on an sudden supply of energy — first, delivering a blast of power that brings his ravens to his location. When Thor is seen subsequent, he is really in a completely completely different physique altogether — the physique of the Destroyer.

(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1965’s Journey Into Mystery #118, the Destroyer is an enchanted go well with of armor created by Odin, which was theoretically meant to struggle the Celestials. In the many years which have adopted, the Destroyer has been a pawn utilized by different villains in Thor’s arsenal, even within the 2011 Thor film. That being mentioned, Thor has used the Destroyer armor to his benefit up to now, notably when he changed its arm along with his throughout War of the Realms. Still, the context of this implementation is certainly fascinating, each almost about Thor’s soul, and almost about his formidability within the struggle towards Donald Blake.

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Thor #14 shall be launched on April 14th.