This Woman Travelled To Edinburgh To Surprise Her Boyfriend, Turns Out He Did The Same Thing And Travelled To Paris


Our beloved romantic comedies are known for featuring characters making all kinds of grand romantic gestures to express their feelings to the ones they happen to love. However, when it comes to real life, things don’t always go that smoothly.

Yesterday, Twitter user @SalmaSaade shared a post reminiscing about a pretty hilarious yet utterly romantic story that happened 4 years ago to her and her boyfriend Finlay.

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When it comes to real life, romantic comedy-level grand gestures don’t always go as smoothly

Image credits: SalmaSaade

4 years ago, a girl named Salma Saade was in Paris and decided to come back to Edinburgh, Scotland a day early in order to surprise her boyfriend Finlay McAfee. Little did she know, her boyfriend had a plan that was pretty similar to hers.

4 years ago, Salma came back from Paris to Edinburgh a day early in order to surprise her boyfriend

Image credits: SalmaSaade

Little did she know, her boyfriend Finlay had a plan to secretly fly to Paris to surprise her with a visit

Image credits: SalmaSaade

The woman’s tweet features a few screenshots from her conversations with her boyfriend Finlay and his friend Adam. Apparently, after arriving to Edinburgh, Salma contacted her boyfriend’s friend to find out whether Finlay was in his apartment. And that’s when she found out that her boyfriend was currently flying to Paris. In order to surprise her.

The attempts to surprise each other resulted in Salma and Finlay ending up in separate countries

Image credits: SalmaSaade

The tweet quickly went viral and it currently has over 680k likes as well as almost 85k retweets

Image credits: SalmaSaade

Salma’s post featuring the story of the romantic fiasco quickly went viral and gained quite a bit of attention online. After just one day, the tweet already has over 680k likes and almost 85k retweets. Many Twitter users were pointing out how this story should be turned into a real romantic comedy.

Here’s how people reacted to the story

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