This Man Discovered What The Cracker Brand Name ‘Triscuit’ Actually Means


There are a whole lot of issues that humanity in all probability received’t ever know for certain, like why are we right here, is there a life after demise, and what’s the origin of the well-known model title of snack crackers—Triscuit?

Scratch that, truly, somebody answered this age-old query, and to the shock of many, the tri half in Triscuit doesn’t, in reality, imply three. I’m as shocked as you might be!

And no, the folks at Triscuit didn’t know this till this one Tweeter figured all of it out with the ability of the web, so take pleasure in his thread explaining the entire thing.

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Ever puzzled what ‘Triscuit’ truly means? Would you be shocked if we informed it’s not ‘#3 plus biscuit’?

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So, Sage Boggs, a author from New York City, was at a celebration and seen a field of Triscuits. For these unaware, Triscuit is a model title of varied flavored entire wheat snack crackers produced by Nabisco, a subsidiary of the meals and beverage big Mondelēz International.

Upon seeing the field, Boggs had a thought: what does Triscuit imply, anyway? “It’s clearly based on the word ‘BISCUIT,’ but what does the ‘TRI’ mean?” he elaborated in his tweet.

Well, this man solved the thriller, and shared his discoveries with the web

At a celebration, Sage Boggs raised the query and began figuring all of it out

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The basic consensus was that the tri half had one thing to do with the quantity 3. Perhaps it was three layers of one thing inside it, or there have been three components, however no one was certain.

So, Google to the rescue. Or not? Turns out, Google didn’t have an official model both—it quite fueled the dialogue with much more guesses and speculations.

Google wasn’t too useful, so he went straight to the supply

Aaaand the supply doesn’t know. But no less than they confirmed that it doesn’t imply #3

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The subsequent logical factor was to go straight to the supply—Nabisco. The firm producing that stuff ought to know, proper? Wrong. Turns out, they’d no information that will particularly clarify the origins of the model title. One factor was sure, although: they confirmed that it DOES NOT imply three.

“‘The ‘TRI’ does not mean 3.’ How… how do they know what it DOESN’T mean, but NOT know what it DOES mean? HOW??” was Boggs’ response (and lots of of ours, to be trustworthy).

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This raised much more questions, however Boggs was decided and this short-lived useless finish solely fueled his ambitions to crack the case.

Further investigation into the historical past led Boggs to find the important thing clue within the thriller—the field, particularly, the advertising blurbs discovered on the commercials from the early 1900s. Turns out, these crackers had been baked utilizing electrical energy.

So, his journey continued and shortly he discovered a key clue—advertisements from the early 1900s

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Turns out, they used to make these crackers utilizing electrical energy—a novel course of on the time

And that’s when it hit him—it’s elec-tri-city and biscuit

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“In the early 1900s, Triscuit was run out of Niagara Falls. And their big selling point? Being ‘baked by electricity.’ They were ‘the only food on the market prepared by this 1903 process.’ Look at the lightning bolts!”

And then it dawned on him. The tri in Triscuit doesn’t imply three for no matter cause—it comes from the phrase elec-tri-city. It’s an ‘electricity biscuit’!

Oh, it will get higher as Triscuit themselves confirmed this and despatched him some goodies for the analysis

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So, he shared his findings with Twitter, the place it went tremendous viral. The thread managed to obtain practically 180,000 likes with over 45,000 retweets. And one of the best half is that Triscuit took Boggs’ tweet and confirmed it, making this thriller of origin canon.

Oh, and Boggs is henceforth often known as the Triscuit Guy and he additionally bought a bunch of Triscuit bins as a thanks for answering what the corporate itself by no means might.

What are your ideas on this? Do you’ve gotten any wild theories on what Triscuit might have meant? Let us know within the remark part under!

Here’s how folks reacted to this discovery

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