These People Experienced The Worst Luck Imaginable And Had No Choice But To Take A Pic (50 New Pics)

Some days were simply made for singing Daniel Powter’s ‘Bad Day’; and while the reasons for such performances tend to differ from person to person, one thing that they all have in common is that no one’s immune to a bad day every once in a while.

Since many people nowadays like to capture their life in pictures and videos, there are arguably millions of records of days that did not go as anticipated, many of which end up being shared online. That is where we have found these pictures of people not having the best of days, which work as a great reminder that they, too, shall pass. Scroll down to see what has made people’s “blue skies fade to gray”, and remember that the skies ought to clear up again sometime.

#1 First Days Of The National Toilet Paper Shortage In March Of 2021, Colorized

Image credits: Rajbangsa

#2 When You Add Toothbrush Replacement Heads To The Grocery List And The Wife Asks Why

Image credits: FuzzyHero69

#3 I’m Stuck In An Elevator And I’m The Only One In The Building

I work security so there’s no one else here. Bonus, the emergency phone in here doesn’t work. Double bonus. This isn’t the first time it’s happened.

Image credits: saintjimmy64

There’s never a good day to have a bad day; being a ball of negative emotion doesn’t really make life for you or those around you any easier. Yet it’s also not easy to snap out of such a state when it seems that everything is going downhill. Fast.

Be that as it may, it’s worth giving certain calming techniques a go, as they can help us deal with certain unfavorable situations more easily.

“Once you become emotionally overwhelmed, your prefrontal lobes, the rational part of your brain goes offline, and your thoughts tend to go down rabbit holes, lose perspective, only making your mood worse. Your goal is to take the time to calm yourself so you can get your rational brain back online, and begin to see the situation more clearly and realistically and come up with a plan to solve the problem,” Robert Taibbi told Bored Panda, expanding on why it is important to try to control your emotions when something unforeseen happens.

#4 Can’t Have Nice Things

Image credits: penguinitoloco

#5 Is Someone Missing Their Breakfast? I Think I Found It

Image credits: JuJuNaNaNa

When discussing the best ways to get a grip on your emotions, Taibbi suggested that it’s best to look at it as a two-part process. “Part one is trying to calm down. Start by simply acknowledging how you are feeling—saying to yourself that you’re feeling anxious can help you feel less anxious.

“Obviously, getting support, talking to someone who cares about you can help,” he added. “Deep breathing helps calm your mind. Becoming mindful and focusing on something intently—your surroundings, what you’re doing—can get you out of your head.

“Write down how you’re feeling or exercise—doing 10 minutes of vigorous exercise increases your endorphins,” the expert suggested, adding that self care—like taking a hot bath—or listening to music you like can help, too.

#6 My Friends Said We Were Going Out In Costumes On Friday The 13th. What They Meant Was “Two Of Us Are Wearing Onesies.” No One At This Place Was In Costume. I Showed Up Like This

Image credits: BridgetTheBee

#7 Ordered A Framed Photo Of My Girlfriend And I For Her Birthday Today, And Just Gave It To Her To Open. This Is Not A Picture Of Us

Image credits: Rmhiker

#8 The Bruising I Had From A Recent Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Image credits: ToIA

“Part two is coming up with a plan,” Taibbi continued. “The plan may be to wait and tackle the problem when you’re more calm and clear-headed, or think of the worst-case scenario and plan for that to help stop the obsessing, or talk to someone to get better ideas.”

#9 “I Want Brothers And Sisters”

Image credits: HuitradoJuarez

#10 Tree Limb Penetrated Neighbor’s Roof And Landed Between My Legs While Sleeping

Image credits: Low-Algae-2928

#11 A Wild Turkey Just Flew Through My Dad’s Office’s Window

Image credits: leilavanora

Keeping your emotions in check is crucial not only for your relationships with others—which are likely to be affected if one is led by their emotions too much—but your health, too. Take anger, for instance; the American Psychological Association (APA) emphasized that such an emotion can lead to coronary heart disease and stress-related problems, including insomnia, digestive problems and headaches, in addition to a tendency to violent and risky behavior and damaged relationships.

#12 My 5-Year-Old Son Independently Read 50 Books. Took All Year. I Present To You The “50 Book Reward” From His Primary School

Image credits: 5toofus

#13 It Took Me A Couple Minutes To Go Outside And Grab My Delivery. Some Jerks Beat Me To It

Image credits: namedafternoone

#14 There Is A 7 Feet Wall Of Water From A Burst 5” Pipe, Behind This Inward Swinging Door

Image credits: BruceInc

APA suggested that keeping anger at bay can be done with the help of a few steps. First and foremost, it’s important to try not to let anger flourish, which calls for being aware of certain warning signs, signaling that you might be close to the anger zone. Upon recognizing such signs, it’s necessary to either step away from the situation or turn to certain techniques that can help you control the emotions that are building up.

#15 My Sister Got Struck By Lightning Driving On The Highway

Image credits: mrmackz

#16 It’s Christmas Eve And I Caught Scarlet Fever

Image credits: rocklou

#17 My Partner Was So Happy She Found A Specific Vinyl For £2.50 On eBay. Turns Out It’s For A Doll’s House

Image credits: larrydavid1987

Another important step to take in order to manage such negative emotions as anger more easily is focusing on your mindset. Firstly, while it’s not always easy, it’s important not to dwell on certain aggravating situations, especially if the issue has already been resolved. Clinging on to an infuriating event in the past is unproductive at best.

Secondly, when you’re angry, it’s best to try and focus on the positive, instead of the negative that can make you feel like things are worse than they actually are. According to APA, using a technique known as cognitive restructuring can help get rid of the negative “everything is bad” thoughts and replace them with a more favorable “this is frustrating, but it’s not the end of the world”.

#18 My Neighbor’s Pipe Broke And I Am About To Be Flooded

Image credits: Dusken01

#19 Today I Learned I’m Allergic To Every Tree

Image credits: kieger

#20 I Put These Brownies To Cool Off On The Porch, And A Dang Squirrel Came Through The Screen And Had A Go At Them. I Am Very Sad

Image credits: diamondsealtd

APA also emphasized the importance of taking deep breaths and exercising, among other things, both of which were accentuated by Robert Taibbi, too. And while knowing and using such techniques in order not to let emotions overwhelm you can have a positive influence on your well-being, feeling a bit down sometimes is just part of being human, and can even have a silver lining.

“Negative emotions are simply a part of life, which not only help us appreciate the positive, but—often embedded in difficult situations—are also lessons to be learned and carried forward that help us make running our lives easier,” Taibbi suggested.

#21 Just Noticed I Have Been Given The Wrong Tablets By The Pharmacist And Taking Them For A Month. Was Prescribed Blood Pressure Tablets (Enalapril). Received Antidepressants (Escitalopram)

Explains weird side-effects.

Image credits: Christopherfromtheuk

#22 Google Maps Didn’t Tell Me About This After A 2-Hour Drive

Image credits: wambamwombat

#23 Me Posing With My Sister’s Car vs. One Day Later. At Least No One Was Hurt

Image credits: UniDuckaSaurus

#24 I Broke My Left Hand And Right Wrist

Image credits: Chillparsley

#25 Found This Behind My Wardrobe Yesterday. I’m Extremely Allergic To Mold

Image credits: eletriceye

#26 Moved In With Partner, And His Cat Chomped My Monitor

Image credits: halwares

#27 Installed A Lovely Sunlight In My New Bathroom, Without Realizing It Would Perfectly Frame That Horrid Tower

Image credits: zalik9

#28 Opened A Can Of Beans To Find No Beans At All

Image credits:

#29 Someone Has Been Cutting Our Christmas Lights. Today We Caught The Culprit

Image credits: henryhendrixx

#30 The Flight I Just Went On. I’m 6’3-Ish

Image credits: tehmaz80

#31 Found Out I’m Allergic To Mosquitos. As If They Weren’t Infuriating Enough

Image credits: lady_lana

#32 Łodź, Poland

Image credits: mzimmerman1488

#33 100-Year-Old Family Cabin Burned To The Ground On The First Day Of Vacation

Image credits: Bumper216

#34 After Several Days Without My Glasses, An Eye Exam, And Overnight Shipping Of The New Glasses… I Found Them Tangled In A Cable Under My Desk

Image credits: violinfiddleman

#35 When The Package Is A Perfect Fit. There Is No Room For Fingers

Image credits: rook2004

#36 A Church Steeple Blew Off During A Storm Last Night

Image credits: TheSlightestGinge

#37 Paid $300 For Seats With A Clear View Since My Girlfriend Is Very Short. Drove Nearly 2 Hours To Get To The Concert Early, Took The Day Off Work. This Was Our View For The Entire Concert

Image credits: FishyMcHallibut

#38 A Stray Bullet On New Year’s Eve Lands In A Guy’s Phone In Beirut Airport

Image credits: JoeJml

#39 Went To A Concert And Got The Umbrella View (Yes I Asked Her To Put It Away… She Did Not)

Image credits: AkaJokerPlays

#40 Found In My Attic Just Now At 4 AM… This Was Not Here Last Week

Time to leave the house?

Image credits: TheBystand3r

#41 Just Came Back From My Vacation And Found This Growing On The Ceiling

Image credits: aldiyo

#42 Emo Local Water Color. I Went To Shower And Saw The Black Water. Went To Shower At A Friend’s Place. Filled Up My Brita That Night And Opened The Fridge To See It Was All Black Too

Image credits: CryptographerHot8765

#43 My Bean Bag Popped, Any Tips For Collecting The White Balls?

Image credits:

#44 My Mom Forgot To Roll Up Her Passenger’s Window In The Car Wash

Image credits: shankmyflank

#45 Got A New Kitten, She Decided To Have A Hay Day On My Monitor

Image credits: Vq-Blink

#46 My Wife Wanted Grays Covered And Subtle Highlights For A Wedding. Her Hair Colorist Had A Medical Emergency During Their Session

Image credits: DoctorKynes

#47 After Ripping Out My Front Door, I Learned There Are Different Sizes For Doors

Image credits: oestzilla

#48 I Lost My Phone At A Festival, A Few Hours Later I Found It Burning Next To The Campfire

Image credits: lennardfuell

#49 I Installed My Own Microwave Today And Saved $150 On Install Fees

Image credits: zingusdingus

#50 Was Almost Finished With My Salad When I Realized There Was A Dead Bug In It

Image credits: vintagepop


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