The Supernatural Object Collection promises to scare Zimmers


The Sims 4 is scary

A Electronic Arts And developer Maxis A package was announced The Sims4, Entitled Collection of occult objects, Which promises to give Zimmers new ways to play with life (including life after death).

With the new set, Sims prepares to live with supernatural “comrades” in one of the new ghost lots, where things get tumultuous at night, leaving viewers naughty and confused. Sims can hold a medium session to summon Kinho the Coast, who can provide useful advice on how to live comfortably in a house haunted by playful spectators and other scary events. Sims can calm visitors, communicate with the dead, send out unwanted guests or scare them into running into the jungle during the day and night. You can even call Sims bone maid Osilda to help with household chores.

In addition, players can master the new medium ability to impress Kinho and obtain his paranormal trial license. SIMs can make good use of the new license, helping other SIMs who have little experience in the spirit world to solve their occult problems and restore order to their homes.

This is a collection of 18th items in The Sims 4 that will be available on January 26th.

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