The Next Batman Gets His Own Dark Knight Rises Moment


In Future State: The Next Batman #2, Jace Fox is chased by the Magistrate in a scene that gives him his very own The Dark Knight Rises moment.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Future State: The Next Batman #2, by John Ridley, Laura Braga, Nick Derington, Arif Prianto and Calyton Cowles, on sale now.

In Future State, Gotham City has become a dark dystopia ruled by the Magistrate. The military force patrols the streets with foot soldiers, Peacekeepers, robots and drones. Their main goal is to apprehend and eliminate any remaining masked superheroes. In this future timeline, Bruce Wayne and his alter ego Batman are both believed to be dead (although he actually lives on as the Dark Detective). But while the original Batman may be gone, another has risen to take his place: Timothy “Jace” Fox.

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Future State: The Next Batman #1 has shown us how Jace secretly operates in a city that is intent on hunting him down. Now, in issue #2, the vigilante continues to try and protect the people of Gotham, but he ends up being chased by the Magistrate. This gives this next Batman his very own The Dark Knight Rises moment.

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At the start of Future State: The Next Batman #2, Fox arrives at a crime scene in an alley. There, he finds the body of a man that has yet to be discovered by the Magistrate and their officers. He only has a few minutes before they arrive, which means he has to move quickly to get the surveillance footage he needs from a nearby camera. Once he gets it, however, he is surprised to see that the Magistrate has arrived, seconds before he expected them. “They’re getting better,” he remarks.

With a small army of Magistrate officers standing in his way, Jace has no choice but to fight his way out. Once he gets back outside, he finds more soldiers pointing their weapons at him and telling him to surrender. Using a few batarangs and flash bombs, Jace runs away and finds refuge in a dark alley. The soldiers block the alley off, telling this new Batman that he has nowhere else to go.

However, they are then surprised by red headlights, a warning that the vigilante is now on top of his motorcycle. Jace then rams his motorcycle forward, zooming past the officers and driving away.

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This scene is extremely similar to one that takes place in 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises. In the Christopher Nolan directed film, Bruce Wayne once again suited up as Batman after being retired for years. Eventually, he found himself chased by the Gotham police and sought refuge in a dimly-lit alley. The police cornered him off, believing him trapped like an animal. That is until they were blinded by the headlights of his new flying vehicle, the Bat. The Dark Knight then flew away from the police, free to continue with his investigation.

Sure, the scene is a little different in The Next Batman: Jace isn’t in a flying vehicle — he’s merely on top of his motorcycle. But despite that difference, the comic book captures the spirit of the film’s scene perfectly. Both scenes show Batman’s superiority against the city’s police and it repositions the vigilante as someone on the run from the authorities. Jace Fox may be the new Batman of the future, but his crusade is still very close to Bruce Wayne’s.

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