The coolest robots of CES 2021


Spare a thought for the robots of CES 2021. This year’s all-virtual event means the vegetable-chopping, spring-cleaning, joke-telling animatrons we’ve come to expect on the show floor have been forced to work from home like the rest of us, performing through Zoom feeds and promotional videos as if they’re merely machines created to serve humanity… wait?

But despite the technical difficulties facing this year’s crop of quirky machines, it’s actually a pretty good time to be a robot. The world is a tough place right now, and despite supposedly giant leaps in AI, it’s hard to imagine a mechanised butler having sleepless nights over the global pandemic and general political instability that rages around them. We’re all in need of a little TLC in 2021 – which is handy, because the robots of this year’s CES are much less HAL and far more helpful. There’s robots to keep us safe, robots to help around the house, robots to entertain, robots to educate, and robots to do some of life’s (really) heavy lifting. 




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