The Best Burger in your state with mydroll burger hunt


The first thing that comes to mind when you think about a food that’s loving internationally is

undoubtedly the burger. The basic ground beef sandwich on a bun makes for tremendous innovation. We’ve mapped out the very best restaurant for burgers in every state to enjoy this masterpiece. To build our list, we begin by looking at our annual chart of the 100 Best Burgers around the world, collected from a sample of hundreds of burgers on it offered to a team of experts from around the country to vote. We have surveyed thoroughly legendary burger joints in major cities as well as small towns, mined into web reviews, and compiled established finest-of lists, both in print and online.

10 Moylo Dubai

The truth that they put an onion ring inside the cheese burger, Moylo ‘s signature burger comes with a huge Cajun tempura onion ring inside which made you so happy when you took a bite. Moylo’s specialties are their main selling point of gourmet home made sandwiches, new ingredients and sweet potato bread.

9 Brazil

Cabana Burger has amazed us with their attention to detail, with a handful of restaurants in São Paulo and one in Rio de Janeiro. The vibe and design sounds very much like Shake Shack and we instantly felt at home. Angus meat’s crushed patty had a good flavor and a light pink centre, and the bun was well toasted and soft. To increase the bun to patty ratio, we will recommend a double burger and you can certainly order their rosemary fries too. It is nice to see more areas coming up to the plate in South America. To bring it simply.

9. Flippin Burger Sweden

They offers a wide selection of burgers including a vegetarian option. What makes this restaurant particularly special is that they only work with small meat producers who graze their animals outdoor. The restaurant offers a good range of beers to compliment your meal.

8 London

Lucky Chip burgers can be served in two very, very good pubs: the Islington Old Queen’s Head and the Tottenham Blue Coats. Their pun-based titles are a little hokey to our taste (the ‘Steve Martin’ has jerk sauce in it, and so on), but you can’t complain about the burgers themselves – unfailingly juicy, tasty and the perfect accompaniment to a relaxing Sunday pint. The El Chapo we recommend: lamb, bacon fried, grilled jalapeños, blue cheese & aioli.

7 Dulcie’s Cottage Australia

Diners say of Dulcie’s: “We came early evening for an early dinner, and yum! Burgers were delicious, reasonably priced and the chips were great too. Staff were very friendly and helpful. A very relaxed atmosphere and we would highly recommend.”

6 Zorić Switzerland

You can from a wide range of toppings like blue cheese, Swiss bacon and guacamole from prime, Angus or wagyu beef. Sandwiches and skewers are also available. Don’t get confused by the Helvti swears by the ‘dirty’ ranking. The ‘dirtier’ the meal here, the greater the flavor.

5 Fonzie (Rome)

Fonzie is an American, 1950’s inspired burger bar. It has a friendly and casual atmosphere which is perfect for everyone, couples, friends and family. If you’re not a meat eater, select from a menu of over 20 different hamburgers including vegetarian and vegan choices. Both of the patties are kosher and handmade. Spread out at three places, you can definitely find one near you.

An perfect place for a fast bite or a relaxing break, as you wish!

4. Shoga-Yaki Burger (Yakki)(McDonald’s)

First up is a burger from a burger chain.It is the Shoga-Yaki Burger (Yakki), which takes the popular Japanese shogayaki (meats grilled with ginger) and turns it into a burger. The Japanese-style sauce with soy sauce goes fantastically with the teriyaki pork patty. The crispy onion slices and lettuce are great accents to the other, somewhat strong flavors. The shogayaki that is usually eaten with rice goes perfectly with the buns. At just 200 JPY (incl. tax), it’s so good for mouth and pocket

3. Soul la Roma (Maxico)

They serve food some seriously good delicious meals such as breakfasts, ribs and bakes, but the best part of the show is the burger.It arrives with such a molten pouring cheese that you get at the table to drill the burger with. They make the things that burger dreams of.

2 Uniburger (Canada)

Uniburger is the top dog in Canada, fighting off some serious competition when it comes to burgers. Consistently brilliant; you’ll leave a very satisfied client when you put in one of their famous shakes and those great fries.

1 Chez Fonfon in Birmingham , Alabama (US)

The Hamburger Fonfon is the King of the Menu at Chez Fonfon in Birmingham , Alabama. Chefs grind chuck in-house to make this amazing burger, and shape it into 8-ounce patties. The patties are then fried to medium, topped with Comté — a French nutty cheese — and served with fries.

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