The 15 Most Powerful Dinosaurs, Ranked


The Jurassic Park franchise now has 5 motion pictures beneath its belt, with at the least yet one more coming. From the start, followers haven’t been capable of get sufficient of the realistic-looking dinosaurs and the thrill that comes with imagining a world the place the creatures return.

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While all followers have their very own favourite dinosaurs, a few of them are positively a lot stronger than others. It’s not simply the carnivores which might be highly effective and harmful, both. We’ve put collectively a listing of 15 of the franchise’s strongest dinosaurs (together with a few historical beasts that are not strictly dinosaurs however have definitely made their presence felt over the course of the collection) and ranked them from least highly effective to strongest.

Updated on April eighth, 2021 by Mark Birrell: Considering that the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World motion pictures are all about dinosaurs, it ought to come as no shock that there is a surplus of fascinating animals to speak about. Some have left an even bigger impression than others over time however figuring out the deadliest and strongest seen all through the films makes for an in depth checklist. We’ve added an additional 5 doubtlessly lethal dinosaurs to this checklist to present a extra full accounting of the strongest and most vicious of the genetic creations cooked up by the parks and their unscrupulous founders.


The Pachycephalosaurus is a dinosaur that we first see in Jurassic Park: The Lost World. This creature isn’t a carnivore, however this does not imply it’s not highly effective or scary.

The Pachycephalosaurus is characterised by its domed head product of bone, which is used to fight predators (and others of the identical species throughout mating season). These dinosaurs are like head-butting goats, however a thousand instances worse. They should not be underestimated, and no one would wish to be caught between them and a wall. They is perhaps small, however they’re very sturdy.


Meat-eating dinosaurs that stalk the land are scary sufficient, ones that may fly are even worse. The Dimorphodon is, to be strictly technical, a pterosaur, however there is no time for semantics when an offended group of these items is after you.

An actual terror from above, their energy in numbers that makes them an actual risk because the aviary breakout sequence in Jurassic World so clearly confirmed.


Triceratops is one other herbivore on this checklist that has plenty of energy. This dinosaur has depraved horns to maintain it secure from predators. The Triceratops has a big frill that would attain round three ft lengthy. This, mixed with these two massive horns and small beak, make this animal fairly intimidating to take a look at.

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They are highly effective in the best way {that a} rhino is highly effective, however with much more energy and dimension to them. While they wouldn’t eat you, you would not wish to mess with them. Heck, plenty of would-be predators usually thought higher of attacking.


An Apatosaurus outside in Jurassic World Evolution

Apatosaurus was so highly effective due to its big dimension. These animals had been mild and tended to maneuver in herds, which additionally gave them a component of energy and energy. While they may nonetheless be attacked by a big carnivore, their means to make use of their lengthy, sturdy tails to defend themselves earns them their spot on this checklist.

Much just like the Triceratops, they had been greater than able to preventing off their share of hungry predators. Maybe they weren’t so closely armed, however their dimension and energy made them forces to be reckoned with.


This animal isn’t as large as among the giants on this checklist, however it’s very scary in its personal means. This dinosaur is near the scale of a giant canine, and it may well even appear cute at first. However, it may also be moderately lethal.

Fans will do not forget that it spits a tar-like venom on Dennis Nedry earlier than transferring in for the kill. This dinosaur is unquestionably one which followers wouldn’t wish to meet whereas alone within the park. Thankfully, not one of the scientists in Jurassic Park or Jurassic World thought to extend its dimension.


A Pteranodon by the river looking at the camera while in the aviary on Isla Sorna in Jurassic Park III

These flying dinosaurs group up with Dimorphodons that additionally escape from the aviary to trigger an enormous quantity of havoc in Jurassic World because the park falls aside. They additionally make a well-known franchise look within the sequence inside the unique aviary on Isla Sorna within the third Jurassic Park film.

They’re not solely massive, with big and virtually sword-like beaks, they’re proven to be each agile and really aggressive. They go straight for people once they see them they usually’ve been the reason for among the most brutal moments of the franchise thus far.


An Allosaurus runs away from the exploding volcano ash cloud on Isla Nublar in Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

Like the Velociraptors, the Allosaurus is a meat-eating therapod that hunts in packs although they’re solely seen by their lonesome within the motion pictures and do not actually see a lot motion, so to talk.

Nevertheless, they seem to be a scary dinosaur who would simply as lethal up shut as their extra well-known family are. In the films, even of their junior type, they’re proven to be even bigger than Velociraptors, with an intimidating set of claws and tooth.


An Ankylosaurus roaring in Jurassic World

Referred to in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom as a “living tank”, the Ankylosaurus is essentially the most closely armored dinosaur seen within the motion pictures with a thick, scaly, prime aspect and a strong tail with a membership on the tip of it that can be utilized to devastating impact.

With all the facility and defensive plating, it could seem to be a shoo-in for the highest spots however its underside continues to be comparatively unprotected, which means they’re in large bother if they are often efficiently flipped over.


A Carnotaurus prepares to attack with the exploding volcano behind it on Isla Nublar in Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

The Carnotaurus, because the title implies is one other meat-eating dinosaur and virtually resembles a small Tyrannosaurus Rex. Though nowhere close to as massive or highly effective, its plentiful sharp tooth and large chew make it greater than a priority for any human who comes throughout one within the wild.

The demonic horns on both aspect of its head are additionally fairly intimidating and it is proven holding its personal towards a lot heavier dinosaurs in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, even when it is largely proven to be bullied round by the larger T-Rex.


Spinosaurus is a dinosaur that was featured in Jurassic Park III, and whereas that film positively isn’t considered among the finest within the franchise, its dinosaur star is as scary as they arrive.

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Clearly, the third installment wished to department out slightly, introducing a central dinosaur menace that wasn’t the T-Rex. The Spinosaurus is larger, for one factor, and has a big, intimidating backbone on its again. This is unquestionably a scary dinosaur that may win plenty of fights (its victory towards the Tyrannosaurus was not appreciated by followers), so it has to make it onto this checklist, poorly obtained because it was.



Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom The Indoraptor

A smaller and extra weaponizable model of the subsequent entry on our checklist, the Indoraptor is clearly meant to be a creature that is designed to scare individuals above the rest and its excessive stage of intelligence could the truth is be its most harmful high quality.

Still, there are a variety of issues about it that do not actually make sense and its bloodlust appears to override all of its logic and problem-solving expertise. In the tip, it will get itself cornered and brought out by a smaller Velociraptor that had, itself, simply recovered from a severe gunshot wound.


Both this creature and the Indoraptor are excessive up on the checklist as a result of they’re clearly among the most scary and highly effective monsters within the franchise. However, since they are not precise dinosaurs and purely the outcomes of genetic engineering, they are not on the prime.

The entrepreneurs and scientists at Jurassic World had been seeking to make the points of interest scarier with even smarter, deadlier dinosaurs, so the Indominus Rex was created. While it might need capabilities past their historic counterparts, like a surprisingly underutilized camouflaging means, there’s one thing about them that simply isn’t as attention-grabbing because the dinosaurs that actually existed. Sometimes, making gimmicky dinosaurs isn’t higher.


Blue the Velociraptor in Jurassic World

The Velociraptors are the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park that followers have actually hooked up to essentially the most. From the primary film as much as the final, the Velociraptors have performed vital and attention-grabbing roles. They are good, lethal, quick, and work collectively in packs.

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In Jurassic Park: The Lost World, it’s made abundantly clear that the Velociraptors may be a lot worse to come back throughout than among the larger carnivores. While the variations created for the films are actually extra primarily based on the Deinonychus (given their a lot larger dimension), the Jurassic Park world calls them Velociraptors.


This water-dwelling dinosaur (okay, it is really a mosasaur) was first proven within the franchise in Jurassic World. This ocean beast is so big that it eats sharks as snacks and effortlessly took down the Indominus Rex in a single unbelievable lunge.

The Mosasaurus is proof that the oceans throughout the time of dinosaurs would have been even scarier than being on the land. While the one ocean animal on this checklist, it’s positively one of the crucial highly effective. With its sheer dimension, it is simply awe-inspiring.


There’s no different dinosaur that would occupy this prime spot on the checklist. While not the largest carnivore or the quickest, there’s no different dinosaur that may examine to the thrill and worry that seeing that T-Rex within the first film created.

It actually says one thing when followers had been outraged by the Spinosaurus’s defeat of this majestic creature. While different dinosaurs may be capable to finest the Tyrannosaurus by way of uncooked dimension, it can at all times be essentially the most highly effective and influential within the collection.

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