The 12 best hydrating face masks to combat dry winter skin


If you’re finding that all that time spent in a heated house or out in the cold winter air is meaning your regular moisturiser just isn’t cutting it, it may be time to call in the big guns. A moisturising face mask drenches your skin in a layer of deep hydration that penetrates deeper than a regular moisturiser, preventing additional dryness as well as protecting hydration levels in the skin. For this reason, we’ve rounded up 12 incredibly nourishing face masks that will nip any dry patches in the bud and have you looking fresh-faced and fabulous.

Cannabis in skincare is having a moment right now, as it deserves.

The Cannabis Sativa seed oil has calming properties that improve irritation as well as nourishing and hydrating the skin with Omega 3 and 6.

RRP: £25

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Wake up dewy and glowing with this face mask that has been formulated to be worn overnight to promote water retention for plump and healthy skin.

RRP: £32

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Touting 72 hours of lasting hydration, this whipped cream face mask is a godsend for stressed and dry skin.

RRP: £20

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Wake up with skin that is refreshed and hydrated with this Cannabis Sativa oil-enriched face mask.

RRP: £8.99

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Give the skin a whole new sensation with this hydrating bubble mask, with a gel that fizzes into tiny bubbles that gently cleanse pores and hydrate the skin, leaving it with a fresh and clean glow.

RRP: £12

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Vitamin C is a hero ingredient of every skincare aficionado’s routine, and this hydrating and brightening sheet mask is drenched with the stuff.

RRP: £11.84

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If this year has left your skin looking as tired as you feel, this natural mud mask will leave you looking fresh and restored.

RRP: £14.95

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The powerful moisture complex used in this overnight mask helps not only to moisturise but also reinforce the skin’s protective barrier to prevent further dryness developing.

RRP: £7.99, on sale now for  £5.33, you save £2.66

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This rich, creamy formula works like a big glass of water for the skin, feeding it with all the hydration it needs.

RRP: £8

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This luxuriously creamy face mask promotes firmer skin while stimulating collagen production.

RRP: £8.95

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Enriched with sea rocket, orange, honey, and bergamot, this face mask will leave skin looking firm, hydrated, and smooth.

RRP: £41.50, on sale now for £30.99 – you save £10.51

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A rich and deeply nourishing blend of mango seed butter, avocado, olive fruit, and jojoba oil is a deliciously hydrating treat for the skin.

RRP: £11.93

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