Tesco issues strict Covid rules for customers – what are the new Tesco restrictions?


Tesco has decided to issue a selection of new Covid rules for its customers amid the latest lockdown. Lockdown three has seen the Government plunge millions of people into renewed restrictions across the UK in a bid to curb the spread of Covid-19. But critics have argued the latest lockdown does not go far enough, leaving companies like Tesco to take matters into their owns hands.

What are the new Covid rules for Tesco?

Tesco, like most other supermarkets, has remained exempt from the Government’s latest lockdown rules.

Stores have stayed open as they provide “essential” services of food and other amenities.

But they still need to comply with other rules such as social distancing and mask-wearing.

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Shop alone

Tesco is encouraging people to shop alone unless they are a carer or have children.

One-in, one-out system for customers

To ensure social distancing compliance, Tesco will only allow people to enter after someone else has exited.

Traffic light system to signal when people can enter

Tesco has introduced a traffic light for 1,500 stores will allow people inside only when there is a “green light”.

Sanitise hands, basket and trolley

Tesco has provided cleaning stations for people to clean themselves and their possessions during a grocery shop.