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[Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers through the Season 1 finale of Tell Me Your Secrets, “The Dead Come Back.”]

After a full season of Karen/Emma (Lily Rabe) struggling to place collectively the occasions of her previous, we lastly study the reality about Karen’s involvement in Theresa’s (Stella Baker) disappearance in Episode 9 of Amazon’s Tell Me Your Secrets, “Gotcha.” Even although Karen was despatched to jail for her involvement in what occurred, flashbacks reveal that it was truly Theresa who had the violent streak.

After discovering Amy Walker’s physique, Theresa compels Karen to run from Kit (Xavier Samuel). Just as they make their manner out the residence door, Karen’s water breaks. On the highway, when Theresa reveals she has no intentions of taking Karen to the hospital, Karen hurls herself out of the automobile and runs into the icy forest with Theresa proper behind her, hammer in hand. Just earlier than meaning to kill Karen, Theresa reveals, “Before it was you and him, it was me and him. And it’s always gonna be me and him,” confirming that, as Emma places it within the season finale, Theresa is the actual monster right here. She ruined Karen’s life.

Lily Rabe in Tell Me Your Secrets

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How did Rabe’s strategy to enjoying Karen change after studying this very important info? Here’s what she informed us throughout her episode of Collider Ladies Night:

“Listen, the thing about Karen to me that I love is that she is wide open and she is someone who sees the good in people. And I think we so often, when people are trusting of others, we like to say that they’re overly trusting or that there’s a lack of intelligence in being trusting, that being trusting means you’re gullible. I just wholeheartedly disagree. I think it’s such a beautiful thing to innately believe that people are good and to sort of lead with love. That’s who she is. That’s how she ends up in a lot of these relationships and in the situation she does. So I never judged her for a second. I never thought, ‘Oh, how could you not have …’ It was such a painful pleasure to get to play someone who is so guileless in that way and so optimistic about people, which is so completely on the opposite side of the spectrum from where Emma ends up in terms of being afraid of everyone really, and trusting no one including herself.”

In addition to the massive Theresa revelation, the tip of Season 1 of Tell Me Your Secrets additionally features a long-gestating face-to-face confrontation between Emma and John, performed by Rabe’s actual life companion, Hamish Linklater. Given the truth that for a lot of the present, Emma is solely unaware of what John’s as much as, did Rabe and Linklater should keep away from discussing the fabric with one another at house? Here’s how Rabe put it:

“I think before we were shooting I had read quite a few more, but definitely there were scripts that we were getting while we were shooting. But we were in such lockstep with [creator and writer] Harriet [Warner] that I was never turning the page and like, ‘What?!’ [Laughs] But I think the truth is we knew we would end up getting to be together. We just didn’t know exactly when. I love acting with him so much so I just couldn’t wait to get to the script where I was gonna turn the page and see that we were finally together, no matter how brutal the circumstances might be because, you know, that’s the show we were making.”

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Lily Rabe in Tell Me Your Secrets

Hamish Linklater in Tell Me Your Secrets

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When it got here to preserving a few of that thriller within the later episodes of the present, Rabe and Linklater wound up naturally creating the mandatory boundaries moderately than overtly implementing them.

“Without saying let’s have a lot of boundaries about this, there were things that we didn’t talk about. We’ve worked together so many times that there is a kind of dialogue that we have that is very different than the way we are as a couple or as co-parents. And we can be quite boundaried when we know that it will serve the work and not overshare and withhold quite a bit. We weren’t coming to set to see what the other person was doing leading up so that we did kind of meet these characters as they would have met. We weren’t running lines with one another in the way that we might have if one of us was working and the other one wasn’t. We were kind of keeping character secrets from one another.”

When Emma lastly does get to see John’s true colours, it’s a reasonably vicious encounter. While it’d seem to be fairly the problem to leap right into a second like that, that’s the sort of materials Rabe is drawn to basically.

“When it makes me have that feeling of terror about doing something, that usually makes me feel also very excited to do it. I don’t sort of feel that I’m drawn towards being particularly comfortable. Not to say I don’t love doing shows where good things are happening to people [laughs], because I love that too. But if you’re gonna get out of bed and leave your kids, I want it to feel challenging and unlike anything I’ve done before.”

Lily Rabe in Tell Me Your Secrets

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If you are on the lookout for extra from Rabe, we already launched a clip of her discussing American Horror Story Season 10. You can catch our Ladies Night dialog in full when it arrives on Collider this weekend!

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