Storm Rumored To Be Getting Her Own MCU Solo Movie


Ever since making her comic book debut over 45 years ago, Storm has always been a key part of the X-Men team, but on the live-action front you could make the argument that Ororo Munroe hasn’t been given the chance to make much of an impression. Halle Berry was cast before she’d won an Academy Award for Best Actress, but the following movies in the series still didn’t do a whole lot to increase her presence.

Despite having a big star playing a huge fan favorite, Storm often drifted into the background, to the extent that Berry’s most notable contribution to the role was changing her hairdo for every one of her subsequent appearances. The younger version didn’t fare much better, either, with rising talent Alexandra Shipp given the relatively thankless task of trying to do her best with an underdeveloped and underwritten character.

Having appeared in nine of the thirteen X-Men movies to date, ten if you include a brief cameo of Ororo as a child that turned up in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine home video release, it wouldn’t be unfair to say that Storm deserves a little better. With that in mind, then, the latest rumor making the rounds is that Marvel Studios are planning on rebooting her as the star of a solo adventure.

The report claims that a project is in the works called Marvel’s Storm, which immediately raises some questions given that Kevin Feige’s outfit have never felt the need to preface any of their previous titles with the name of the company before, and Storm would surely be better served as part of the impending X-Men reboot anyway. Of course, she had previously been linked with debuting in the Black Panther franchise to adapt the storyline where she becomes T’Challa’s love interest and eventual wife, but that won’t be happening now for obvious and tragic reasons.




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