Spider-Woman’s Original Costume Returns in Mid-2021


Spider-Woman #11 will feature Jessica Drew donning her classic red and yellow costume once more, as she attempts to live a “normal” life.

Throughout her history as a superhero, Jessica Drew — aka Spider-Woman — has been known by her trademark red and yellow original costume. That costume will make a comeback in Spider-Woman #11.

The costume change comes as an attempt for Jessica to return to “normal,” or what passes for “normal” in her life, according to writer Karla Pacheco. “In Issue 11 we see Jess setting aside her latest suit (for now), and gearing up once again in the iconic red and yellow costume – albeit with a few new touches and some surprises – courtesy of the always inventive Pere Perez,” Pacheco said, referring to series artist Pere Perez.

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Pacheco also confirmed that Jessica would be thrust into the middle of a new adventure. “We’re launching Jess directly into another over-the-top story, featuring incredible new villains, unbelievable action from Pere, and of course, me ripping everyone’s hearts again as I chortle with evil glee. Also there will be monster trucks.”

Jessica has been pushed to her limits in the pages of Spider-Woman, especially with the side effects from taking the Marchand Serum in order to help cure her radiation illness. The Marchand Serum enhances Jessica’s powers, but makes her more prone to violence and rage. During the events of King in Black, Jessica took a large dose of Marchand Serum to destroy one of Knull’s symbiote dragons. However, this led to her being imprisoned in a cell meant to contain the Hulk — and later, to a battle with War Machine.

Written by Karla Pacheco and illustrated by Pere Perez, Spider-Woman #11 goes on sale in April from Marvel.

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Source: Marvel.com

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