Some Health Benefits of Besan Halwa


It is that time of the year again. The weather is extremely chilly, there is hardly any sunshine to sit under and all we want to do is snuggle in our blankets and not step out at all.

While there are vaccines coming up, the scare of covid-19 still persists around the world, and it is not safe to fall sick even with a slight cold or cough. Boosting immunity seems to be the only way out of all this. For this, we took a sneak peak in the kitchen of our grandmothers and found gram flour to be a key ingredient which very few people know about.

Right from the daily meals to snacks, chana dal or lentil is used in foods commonly, becoming an underrated star of the kitchen.  The finely crushed powder of the lentil, gram flour, is used to prepare several daily delicacies, but not all of us know how beneficial its desserts are, especially the besan halwa.

-Gram flour is a powerhouse of oxidants so it is considered extremely effective in curing nasal infections and problems.  Its liquid arrangement in the form of a halwa becomes smooth for the throat and helps in curing throat related problems.

-Consumption of besan ka halwa is helpful in clearing the nasal tract and eases breathing problems due to phlegm.

-It is also a source of instant energy and helps increasing metabolism.

-Being rich in protein and good fats it can be consumed by those who are keeping a check on their weights. Additionally, gram flour helps in keeping cholesterol levels in check and besan halwa is a delicious way to consume the flour.

-Gram flour contains blood-building nutrients and can prove helpful for pregnant women as the iron and folic acid requirements increase tremendously during that time.

-You can rest assured that consuming gram flour in the form of besan halwa can help keep your bones in a good health.

In conclusion, besan halwa is quite beneficial in combating difficulties like cold, cough and other throat related problems, so it’s best to consume it when facing such problems.




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