She Can Keep The Best Of You


if she reads the poems, if she asks, inform her you’re sorry. inform her you like her. inform her you like her mild and heat. inform her you like her as a result of it’s the reality.

however don’t neglect you liked me, too.

inform her you like her, however inform her you liked me black and blue. inform her i liked you ragged. inform her you couldn’t make like to me with out leaving a bruise.

how you continue to had the leather-based belt in a single hand while you took my face within the different the primary time you whispered “i love you.”

inform her how our mouths waltzed among the many comets, how we kissed and constructed a sanctuary among the many stars. inform her my identify nonetheless glows vivid and sticks to your tongue.

inform her you can not assist however nonetheless consider me.

inform her you in contrast her ferocity to mine. inform her in regards to the storm behind my eyes, how they pleaded with yours while you spoke of her. the way you held me in your arms while you advised me she hates placing her hand in yours. inform her how for you i’d have given all of it.

inform her you like her, however inform her you advised me i felt like dwelling.

inform her you weren’t courageous sufficient to like this difficult.

inform her she was the better alternative.

inform her the way you’re whisked away from her by the autumn breeze, underneath the complete moon, and in the course of that track.

inform her you’ll at all times keep in mind me. how may you not?

inform her i liked you as a lot as i may ever love anyone with out you ever giving me something.

inform her she will maintain the most effective of you, i’ve liked the worst elements of you.

inform her how a lot you harm me through the years, and the way all i ever felt was love. inform her about how that is my magnificence, not yours.




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