Sacha Baron Cohen’s Day Out with Son Features This Quirky Beachwear


Sacha Baron Cohen is known for his strong political views on US President Donald Trump, but he is also famous for dressing up his son in regular clothing that’s not too expensive. The 49-year-old actor was spotted with his son near a swimming pool in Australia. Sacha’s son was wearing a peculiar clothing item which is called a hooded beach towel.

The product is created by Australia’s Kmart and has become quite a hit in the country during the summers. In the pictures shared by DailyMail, Sacha is seen in a blue T-shirt and blue bermudas as he accompanies his son for a beach day outing. His son is seen wearing a charcoal-coloured hooded beach towel with white stripes.

Sacha is married to Australian actress Isla Fisher and the couple has three kids together, daughters Olive, 12 and Elula, 9 and a five-year-old son, Montgomery. Last year, the family moved from their home in Los Angeles to Sydney in Australia. In a recent report by The Sydney Morning Times, an insider said that the reason why the Hollywood couple chose to move to another country was because they did not want to raise their kids in Trump’s America.

Sacha has publicly criticized President Donald Trump for his racism and incompetence. The actor has also fired tech companies like Facebook, Google, and Twitter for their inability to tackle fake news and hate speech that it propagates. His 2020 movie Borat was a satire on the US government, white supremacists, and social media. The movie came out a few weeks before the US went for its presidential elections.

In 2020, the US also witnessed a countrywide Black Lives Matter protest that was met with severe force from multiple states. The Sydney Morning Times report mentions that it was this wide political chasm that prompted Sacha and Isla to make the move.




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