Ryan Reynolds Jokes Wade Will Find Whoever Killed Bambi’s Mom


After it was revealed that Deadpool 3 is part of the MCU, Ryan Reynolds jokes that his first mission will be to find who killed Bambi’s mom.

Ryan Reynolds jokes that Deadpool is going to find out who killed Bambi’s mom in Deadpool 3. While Deadpool was stuck in development for several years, the film did incredibly well for 20th Century Fox when it was released in 2016, resulting in a sequel two years later. Now that Disney has acquired 20th Century Fox, the House of Mouse has control over the X-Men IP, including Deadpool. Many fans were worried that Disney wouldn’t move forward with an R-rated Deadpool sequel, with others thinking that they might even make Deadpool 3 take place outside of the MCU. That turned out to not be the case with Kevin Feige recently confirming that Deadpool 3 will be an R-rated MCU movie.

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While Marvel Studios is well-known for producing big blockbusters, Disney movies are notorious for evoking strong emotions from their audiences. From the emotional opening of Up to Mufasa’s death in The Lion King, Disney clearly knows how to make their viewers cry. That being said Bambi is considered to have one of the saddest scenes of all Disney movies. The animated adaptation of Felix Salten’s book came out in 1942, earning itself three Academy Award nominations. One of the most memorable and heartbreaking scenes in the movie is when Bambi’s mother is shot and killed. Nearly 80 years later, the scene still strikes a nerve with fans, including Deadpool.

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After it was announced that Deadpool 3 is officially considered an MCU movie, Reynolds jokingly revealed Deadpool’s first big mission: track down the hunter who killed Bambi’s mom. The Deadpool actor’s original post can be seen below:

While Deadpool 3 is officially in development, he is believed to be the only X-Men character being carried over from Fox’s franchise. It’s anybody’s guess right now how the mutants will be introduced to the MCU, but they at least know that Marvel Studios will include them soon. Feige officially announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 that the X-Men would be involved in the MCU in the future, but it looks as if Marvel is first focusing on their Phase 4 movies, as well as films like Blade and Fantastic Four.

It’s not surprising that Reynolds cracked a joke about Deadpool officially being part of the MCU, but what’s interesting is that something like Deadpool crossing over with Bambi isn’t out of the realm of possibility. The end of Deadpool 2 showed Wade Wilson traveling back in time to save Vanessa, kill Reynolds from taking his role in Green Lantern, and even killing X-Men Origins: Wolverine‘s version of Wade. Marvel Studios will have a lot more freedom with Deadpool 3 than they will with other MCU movies, so it’s not completely impossible that Disney could include a scene of Deadpool seeking revenge for Bambi. That being said, while it would be funny, Disney probably won’t cross over a beloved G-rated movie with someone as fowl-mouthed as Deadpool.

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