Puzzling Places makes me want to dust off my PlayStation VR


A jigsaw puzzle recreation about constructing 3D fashions

Don’t pack up your PlayStation VR for good simply but – there are a handful of latest video games coming to the platform in 2021, and one in every of them, Puzzling Places, is a 3D jigsaw puzzle game. Some may scoff, however I genuinely love that concept, I can already image myself getting cozy with the PS4 model this winter.

Instead of grabbing flat puzzle items, inspecting them up shut, and discovering their rightful house on a board, in Puzzling Places, you get to assemble “3D scans of interesting places from around the globe.”

If I had been allowed to add audio recordings in my articles, you’d hear a definite gulp. Assembling detailed photogrammetry fashions, one chunk at a time – in VR – sounds tough. But watching the gameplay footage within the trailer and clips on the PlayStation Blog, it appears surprisingly doable.

“Each puzzle will also have multiple difficulty variants, so you have the choice if you just want to jump in for a quick 50-piece session or want to dive deep into the puzzle flow, challenging yourself with hundreds of pieces that could take a few days to finish,” stated Realities.io co-founder Daniel Sproll.

Better but, you’ll be able to try the PC VR beta now if in case you have a Quest. Imagine if this had co-op!






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