Princess Anne vs Camilla body language: Anne ‘submits to future Queen’ in old photo


Judi said: “Sisters-in-law and now royal matriarchs, but with a romantic back-story that is tangled and lurid enough to sustain one entire series of The Crown by itself, Camilla and Anne’s most frequent bouts of body language together suggest they have harvested all the many things they have in common to relax into the role of friends.”

According to the analyst, last year’s ceremony offered a glimpse at the dynamic Camilla and Prince Anne are likely to share when Prince Charles becomes king.

As the king’s wife, Camilla will be at the top of the royal hierarchy and Anne will be expected to use subservient body language around her.

Judi said: “This degree ceremony, where Camilla’s status as Chancellor of the university put her in a superior role to Anne, allowed a glimpse of the royal protocols we might see with Camilla on the throne as Queen, though, throwing up some interesting body language responses.”