Pig Chinese zodiac sign traits: What it means to be a Pig


The Chinese New Year begins on February 12 and it’s the Year of the Ox, the second sign within the Chinese zodiac. In 10 yr’s time, it will be the Year of the Pig and the cycle will begin over once more. Express.co.uk chatted to Feng Shui and Chinese astrology Expert Marites Allen (@maritesallen on Instagram) to discover out all the things you want to know in regards to the Pig.

Pigs don’t like to be confrontational however they may arise for what they consider in.

Marites stated: “The Boar is the peacemaker in the Chinese zodiac, but that does not mean he has a weak character.

“On the contrary, he is very strong and possesses courage and staying power. The Boar is very straightforward and will speak only of the truth.

“He is highly conversant and can communicate well. He hates any form of hypocrisy and deception since he firmly believes in fair treatment, justice, and law.

“Given his strong convictions, he is very reasonable and forgiving and will take time to listen to others who may have done him wrong.”

If you do get in an argument with a Pig, they like to put it to mattress earlier than it turns into too heated.

Marites stated: “ The Boar is not the type to hold grudges and harbour ill feelings towards others.

“He will not even think of exacting revenge on those people who cross him. Kindness is ingrained in his DNA.”