Photos of prototype 5G Apple iPhone 12 Pro reveal a couple of major changes from the final version


Looking at the picture on the left side of the tweet, you’ll notice that the icons look different. In fact, that is because the prototype pictured is not running iOS but is running SwitchBoard. The latter is a non-UI version of iOS 14. Apple uses SwitchBoard for internal development and it is not available for consumer use. That, of course, makes it very much in demand by hackers who use it searching for vulnerabilities that can be exploited. Both SwitchBoard and iOS can be installed simultaneously.

The traditional default version of the iPhone’s iOS home page is called SpringBoard. Switchboard is loaded with diagnostic apps and utilities that are generally not available to the public and are often named using pop culture references. As we pointed out, SwitchBoard is used for internal development by Apple but occasionally a consumer will end up with an iPhone running it. This occurs when a unit being used for internal development by Apple is accidentally not returned to factory settings before a consumer gets his or her hands on it.




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