Photographer Stuck In Quarantine With His Ex-Wife And Mother Documents Daily Life In Hilarious Pictures (57 Pics)


This is a photo of us from right before the pandemic hit Queens. You can tell it was taken in February 2020 because we all look ten years younger. No one knew yet what the year would bring. We had recently started sharing the apartment on a temporary basis. Sophia had just shipped her car over from Los Angeles. The weatherman on the local news predicted snow later in the week. I never drove in New York, and Sophia only knew Southern California, so we bought this shovel at a hardware store, in case we need to shovel it from the snow. We did a silly selfie together for Facebook. Our very first snow shovel! The weatherman was wrong, and it never did snow. The shovel languished in the car trunk all spring, summer, and fall.

It snowed on Thursday, nine months later, on the day before we were interviewed about our quarantine photos on the Today Show. We were so focused on setting up our new ring light that we forgot about shoveling the car. On the Today Show, we joked with Al Roker. He was touched about how our quarantine experience has made us love each other as a family even more.

The next morning, we discovered that the city had plowed snow all over Sophia’s car. The snow had turned to ice. There was no way to move the car. Our shovel we bought was trapped in the trunk. We blamed each other for the situation. A neighbor approached to congratulate us for being on TV. We were now local celebrities and couldn’t argue in public anymore!

For three days now, we have been chipping away at the ice surrounding the car. It’s still trapped. I have spent my time doing two more interviews about how much our family loves each other, while arguing with Sophia about her Toyota Prius rusting in the streets of Queens.

It’s nice that we have been getting some media attention for my photos. But I’d trade it all in a second to go back to the family in the photo from February 2020, when we weren’t so stressed after ten months living together during a pandemic.




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