People In This Online Group Share 50 Things They Think Are Weird In The United States


The United States of America is the land of the free and filled with alternatives. It is without doubt one of the largest economies on the planet and it has at all times amassed folks for the life one can create there. But, like each nation, it has its personal manner of functioning and the folks dwelling there have their very own tradition. And if you’re additionally interested in this nation and want to journey to the United States or you might be planning of shifting there, you must anticipate to come across belongings you‘ve never seen before or things done differently to what you are used to.

A few days ago, Reddit user Ymij asked people to share some things Americans don‘t realize exist only in the United States. And people had a lot to say. The post got more than 10k answers and Bored Panda gathered a list of some of the most upvoted responses.

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Weird-American-Things-Just-In-America Absurdly long election campaigns. In most countries I’ve been to election campaigns last a month or two, in the US they seem to go for a full year.

BerserkBoulderer , Unknown Report

Weird-American-Things-Just-In-America Parking lot size. I’ve been to about 20 totally different nations, all over, and I’ve by no means seen a regular Walmart sized parking zone anyplace out of America.

Upstairs_Cow , Walmart Report

Weird-American-Things-Just-In-America Having the restaurant take your bank card – in most nations it is thought-about rude to vanish with the cardboard as they may write the digits all the way down to cost additional later. Therefore they usually deliver a conveyable terminal to your desk so you’ll be able to preserve the cardboard in eyesight and have the (optionally available) tip really charged when the cardboard is run and never added after the very fact.

Broadmin , Unknown Report

Longer advert breaks within the Muppet Show.

The UK model had two minutes of additional content material in each episode attributable to restrictions on the quantity of adverts you possibly can play on British TV.

That’s 240 minutes of additional Muppet content material that the majority Americans by no means noticed.

JeremiahSpankMouth Report

Weird-American-Things-Just-In-America Food portion sizes… In EU you get meals parts you’ll be able to end and are typically calculated to be just about fill/fulfill you over the whole meal.

When I am going to the US I can fill myself up with half of the appetizer

Drumah , Marco Verch Report

Tipping as a wage subsidy. Many nations don’t have tipping and people who do typically tip a small quantity for good service.

Also displayed costs not together with taxes or different charges.

Impossible-Buy-4090 Report

I need to say for-profit jail techniques.

These issues are f***** up. If the state would not sustain the prisoner quota they gotta pay a positive to the corporate they owns the jail.

So this mainly makes them attempt to preserve current prisoners

downtimeredditor Report

I can not converse for the entire world, however having elections on a weekday appears loopy to me. We do it within the weekend in order that persons are off work anyway.

frosty_hotboy Report

Garbage disposal models in sinks. I’ve been to almost 20 nations, and I’ve by no means seen one.

TypingLobster Report

The use of the phrases junior, sophomore and senior in class. I do not assume I’ve ever heard these exterior of an American TV present or film.

No-Soft-3703 Report

Waiting like 8 weeks after your elections until the brand new man is available in to energy is fairly f****** bizarre

Snoo61123 Report

The pledge of allegiance. If you inform folks right here that in America they make youngsters arise and recite some prayer to a flag each single morning, they will have a look at you such as you simply grew a 3rd arm.

emissaryofwinds Report

Your poisonous grind working tradition. I discover that Americans outline their total persona round their occupation. It all feels so shallow and hole way of life. Like I work so I can do the issues I get pleasure from ( pre covid) I do not work as a result of it defines me as an individual.

vietcong420 Report

Tipping, most different locations really pay their waiters/waitresses and tippings only for extraordinarily good service or rounding up.

Undisclosed-Fruit Report

Literally being too poor to go to the physician, however have an excessive amount of earnings for any form of help

kaden123drake Report

GoFundMe being a suitable alternative for a well being care system

GTrav44 Report

Having to drive all over the place. I’m 27-years-old, not from the US and by no means learnt to drive. I’ve additionally by no means felt like I wanted it.

FreshNebula Report

I wasn’t conscious we and New Zealand, probably Australia(?) Are the one nations with adverts for pharmaceuticals.

wickedblight Report

This could also be a shot in the dead of night however product costs not together with tax after they’re displayed? Like if one thing says it’s $10 and also you solely have $10, what’s with the shock tax on the until?

ninjapotatoprd Report

The Imperial System, Fahrenheits, large advert breaks. I swear i watched US Television as soon as and that i almost had time to go take a shit earlier than the adbreak ended. And i am a kind of folks that play on their cellphone whereas on the throne

Pyanez11 Report

It’s fairly humorous watching Americans moan over their super-cheap petrol costs. “But we drive everywhere, cars are fundamental to our society”. Yep, similar right here in Australia, too. Your gasoline remains to be extremely low cost.

vacri Report

Playing the nationwide anthem earlier than sporting occasions. There could also be a handful of different nations that do, however in a lot of the world it is solely performed for worldwide matches.

SkippyNordquist Report

A single pool of paid time without work that you just use for each trip and sick go away. Therefore having to forego trip to maintain a financial institution of go away simply in case you get ailing.

littleloucc Report

Red solo cups. My european cousins requested me if events within the us actually had these purple cups.

Belgianwafflz Report

Graham Crackers.

Remember once I picked up a pal’s mom and her pal on the airport, recent from the US. One of them was like ‘They do not have Graham crackers right here?’ I’m like nah mate we’ve got crackers for everybody.

EdwardCosmos Report

The fuel-brand Exxon. Throughout the remainder of the world, it is referred to as “Esso.” It’s solely Exxon within the US.

Taman_Should Report

Buscuits and gravy. This conjures up photographs of getting a plate of cookies smothered in a sauce comprised of the the meat juices of a roast.

plasmadrive Report

Those commercials that includes some type of drug or remedy. With the standard closing the place the narrator states “Side effects includes blah blah blah…Discuss with your doctor about blah blah blah”

Noor_awsome Report

It at all times surprises me when somebody from one other nation has by no means heard of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

helplessAteverything Report

I wanna say jaywalking. Like, in Europe, you’ll be able to just about cross a street wherever you need however once I visited America there gave the impression to be this bizarre sense you had been being judged when you walked out into an empty street. Maybe simply me idk.

Caughtinjail1 Report

Your identification politics was simply in America, then it spilled out like a burst sewage pipe.

Consistscent Report

Stores like Wal-Mart the place you should buy every part which might be open on a regular basis. Groceries, alcohol, crops, drugs, tires, toys…

The first time I went to Germany on a piece journey it was a financial institution vacation and every part was closed.

I stay in Jerusalem now and there’s a separate retailer for every part.

windwalker28 Report

I’m from Europe and I’ve by no means seen in supermarkets scooters for those that are so overweight they cannot stroll by themselves.

indigo-wolf Report




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