People Are Sharing What They’re Gonna Do With All That Money From The $1400 Stimulus Check Since They’re So Rich Now (44 Tweets)


The $1400 checks will arrive in financial institution accounts over the weekend, confirmed Treasury and Internal Revenue Service officers. 160 million households within the US at the moment are ready to obtain $400 billion in direct funds that ought to help many struggling within the occasions of disaster.

But the stimulus’ critics declare that $1400 is simply an excessive amount of and that not everybody even deserves it. Read this Twitter person’s illuminating response to everybody “squabbling over whether your neighbor deserves to receive $1400 more than once per *year*” in Bored Panda’s earlier article right here.

So, Twitter customers armed with quite a lot of sarcasm determined to share how far ALL THAT cash from the stimulus examine will take them. Let’s see a number of the funniest tweets that can absolutely get some dialogue going very quickly!




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