Nintendo just put out a cute little Bravely Default ‘personality quiz’ on My Nintendo


Thankfully, it would not value Platinum Points

Bravely Default II type of got here and went, however it’s nonetheless on my thoughts.

This little JRPG helped kick off 2021 and it’s nonetheless a Switch unique in spite of everything, so it is laborious to neglect! And it bought a little bit of My Nintendo merch, as a little additional advertising and marketing push. Now My Nintendo is again with one other promo, however this one is a little extra cheeky and fewer rewarding.

It’s a “personality quiz” that you can access on the My Nintendo site. Thankfully it is zero Platinum Points, so there isn’t any awkward digital barrier to move. You just “buy” the quiz and have at it. While I presume a lot of parents will skip this over, it is a cute little time-waster for these of you who did dig the sport, or could be on the fence.

More importantly for some, Nintendo additionally put out two digital wallpapers for the sport, and so they’re fairly pretty. You can find them on the same page, or directly on the media section of My Nintendo. Like the opposite wallpapers, they’re 50 Platinum Points every.

Find your Bravely Default II job with a new personality quiz [My Nintendo]






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