My PS3 backlog just spiraled out of control and I need to prioritize what to play


I added most likely too many PS1 Classics to my digital PS3 library forward of the shutdown, and now my backlog is in shambles

With Sony chopping off entry to the PlayStation Store on PSP, Vita, and PS3 later this 12 months, some of us have been exhaustively combing via advice lists to whittle down which digital video games we would like to seize earlier than we’re not in a position to buy them. As I’ve lined earlier than on Destructoid, it is a needlessly drawn-out course of. I’m nearing the tip of this arguably ill-advised venture — I hope!

For me, half the battle was just going via my Download List and getting the whole lot I already owned located on my PS3 and PlayStation TV. That step wasn’t strictly vital (the shop cutoff date is for making new purchases, not the flexibility to obtain your stuff), but it surely helped me arrange my ideas.

Along the best way, I’ve dabbled with PS1 Classics I at all times meant to play, I’ve messed with a couple of out-on-a-limb titles, and, to be trustworthy, I’ve fallen head over heels with PixelJunk Monsters once more. If you are within the tower protection temper and the 2018 sequel did not reduce it, my goodness does the unique nonetheless maintain up.

I’ll seemingly proceed down this “play everything and nothing” path for the close to future.

I’ve received screw-around saves began within the first three Resident Evils, which I’m justifying as a ramp-up to Village, in addition to the unique Silent Hill and Dino Crisis, which I’ve seen however by no means touched. For me, PlayStation was the height “hang with friends and watch someone else play freaky games” period.

Quick impressions: I died within the diner, and I sort of love that. It felt applicable. As for Dino Crisis, I stated “whoa” out loud when I noticed a (surprisingly detailed) dude torn in half, and I’m already extra invested than I thought I’d be. If Capcom will not do a contemporary remake, it is about time I checked this one out.

These video games are just about locked in — I genuinely intend to end them quickly(ish).

Dino Crisis is still fun in 2021.[Image credit: World of Longplays]

Things get far more convoluted when I contemplate the whole lot after this survival-horror kick, and that is the place you all are available in with suggestions. Here’s an inventory of my current PlayStation Store purchases, in addition to some pick-ups I by some means already had however by no means received very far in, vaguely sorted with notes:

  • Yakuza: Dead Souls — this was my final purchase, and it’d skip the road. I wasn’t Yakuza-ready when this launched in 2012; now I am. I’m prepared for some nonsense.
  • Parasite Eve and Parasite Eve II — these missed my preliminary survival horror record for no matter purpose. I’ll additionally need to circle again on Dino Crisis 2 when the time comes.
  • Xenogears, Final Fantasy Tactics, The Legend of Dragoon, Suikoden, Suikoden II, and Vagrant Story — massive RPG temper. I contemplate all of these to be substantial commitments.
  • Tomba, Tomba 2, Klonoa: Door to Phantomile, and Pac-Man World — I really feel like somebody’s going to take offense to having Pac-Man World lumped in right here, however I’m into it.
  • Mega Man Legends, Mega Man Legends 2, and The Misadventures of Tron Bonne — I’m satisfied I’m going to dig this collection. Fun truth: as a child, I might’ve gotten Mega Man Legends for my birthday, however I ended up getting Rampage World Tour as an alternative, and that was that. It was an both/or scenario! I keep in mind being completely proud of it too.
  • Bomberman ’94 — this will get its personal bullet level as a result of it is freaking Bomberman.
  • Strider 2 — I messed round a bit and had enjoyable, however I was initially thrown off by being compelled into the primary Strider. Oh, proper, that is the way you swap discs for PS1 Classics.
  • Mega Man 8 — I could not resist shopping for this earlier than the closure, however I’m additionally not in a rush.
  • Tokyo Jungle — do I… do I drop the whole lot and replay this could’t-miss PSN unique? I’m nonetheless lacking two trophies (“finish all challenges in a single playthrough” and “survive 100 years in Survival”), which does not sit nicely with me. My cheetah is looking.

I’m not snug making a full-on “buy these PSN games!” record but, however I’m comfortable to share my current buys for enjoyable and additionally for the likelihood that it helps another person within the mad sprint to July.

While there are doubtlessly extra PS3 video games for me to get earlier than the July 2 deadline — I’m eying varied lacking entries within the Metal Gear Solid, Ratchet and Clank, and Sly Cooper collection — I’m stepping again for now. The query is, past surface-level check-ins, what ought to I attempt to end first?



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