My Illustrations Just For Fun


They’re infantile and lame. They’re imperfect and a bit quirky. They’re a approach to calm down and calm my busy thoughts…

They’re typically illustrations of foolish ideas that popped into my head. I’ve all the time cherished taking part in with phrases, so there are many phrase play, punny sketches. Some are information of every day occasions or simply my observations of issues. Basically, they’re footage from my thoughts.

They’re imperfect as a result of they’re normally drawn as rapidly because the thought pops into my head. I do not spend quite a lot of time deliberating over excellent strains and perspective. They’re not meant to be practical or completely executed in any method. If I had to spend so much of time on every sketch, I’d most likely get tired of it and transfer on.

You can see extra of my foolish sketches on Instagram.

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