Mumbai Indians reaping rewards for good decisions: Sunil Gavaskar


Sunil Gavaskar, the India cricket legend, reckons Mumbai Indians will begin this yr`s IPL as favourites.
“Mumbai Indians will start as the favourites simply because of the ease with which they won last time. Even in the finals they had plenty left in reserve as they coasted to a win in one of the mildest finals of the IPL. Most finals go down to the last over but not the one last year in Dubai as Mumbai knocked off the runs as if they were having net practice.”
“Their strength has been the fact that they don`t make unnecessary changes to their squad and only look to strengthen an area which they feel needs it. The atmosphere is truly like one family unit and there is genuine joy at each other`s success. Their spirit can be seen in the dug out where even during the odd tense situation there will be laughs and smiles with the belief that they will come through that situation. It will take something extraordinary to dislodge them from their perch,” wrote Gavaskar in his fortnightly column which appeared in Sunday Mid-day.
He harassed that it will likely be a giant job for different groups to beat Mumbai Indians. 
“This being the electric format that it is, a team that plays above itself could well do it but it won`t be easy as Mumbai have all its bases covered,” added Gavaskar.