Man saves wife from rabid bobcat attack by f**king YEETING it :


A person saved his wife from a bobcat attack in entrance of his suburban house by grabbing it, holding it over his head, and chucking it throughout the yard. The attack was caught on digital camera by the house safety system and rapidly went viral.

The video exhibits a North Carolina man going by the rituals of an early morning commute. He units a glass of espresso on the hood, greets a neighbor. Suddenly, unusual and feral wailing noises come from some unseen place and his wife, who was carrying an animal in a crate, begins to scream.

The man springs into motion like he’s been ready for a bobcat to fuck together with his household. He darts for his wife, the place the commotion is hidden behind the car. He emerges moments later holding the bobcat over his head earlier than chucking it throughout the yard.

The bobcat then doubles again for the wife. “Get out!” The man attracts a pistol and provides chase, adopted by the neighbor. “I’ll shoot that fucker!”

The Pender County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the bobcat examined optimistic for rabies and was shot. Whether it was the person or an officer who shot the rabid animal stays unclear.




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