LPG Cylinder Price Alert: Govt hikes cooking gas price from today | Check Revised rate


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LPG Cylinder Price Alert: Govt hikes cooking gas price from today | Check Revised rate

The Centre has determined to hike the LPG cylinder and the brand new charges can be relevant from today (Thursday). According to a notification issued by oil corporations, this time, LPG cylinder price has been hiked by Rs 25 per unit. The Government has additionally hiked the costs of the business cylinder by Rs 184 per unit.

The revised rate of cooking gas cylinder shall be efficient from today i.e February 4 2021. 

Now, a LPG cooking gas cylinder consumer in New Delhi should pay Rs 719 as an alternative of Rs 694. Now, the LPG price in Lucknow has turn into Rs 757 from Rs 732, LPG price in Noida will turn into Rs 717 as an alternative of Rs 692. The business (19 kg) LPG cylinder price will now price Rs 1349 as an alternative of Rs 1533.

After this LPG price rise, LPG gas in Kolkata will price Rs 745.50 whereas LPG cylinder price in Mumbai has turn into Rs 719 whereas LPG gas price in Chennai has now turn into Rs 735 per cylinder. LPG price in Bengaluru has turn into Rs 722, LPG price in Chandigarh shall be Rs 728.50 whereas the cooking gas cylinder customers in Hyderabad should pay Rs 771.50 per LPG cylinder price.

LPG price in Gurgaon is Rs 728, whereas in Jaipur shall be Rs 723. Patna residents should pay Rs 792.50 for single LPG gas cylinder price.

LPG Price in Indian Metro Cities

City Feb 2021 Jan 2021
New Delhi ₹ 719.00 ₹ 694.00
Kolkata ₹ 745.50 ₹ 720.50
Mumbai ₹ 719.00 ₹ 694.00
Chennai ₹ 735.00 ₹ 710.00
Gurgaon ₹ 728.00 ₹ 703.00
Noida ₹ 717.00 ₹ 692.00
Bangalore ₹ 722.00 ₹ 697.00
Bhubaneswar ₹ 745.50 ₹ 720.50
Chandigarh ₹ 728.50 ₹ 703.50
Hyderabad ₹ 771.50 ₹ 746.50
Jaipur ₹ 723.00 ₹ 698.00
Lucknow ₹ 757.00 ₹ 732.00
Patna ₹ 792.50 ₹ 792.50
Trivandrum ₹ 728.50 ₹ 703.50

In December 2020, oil firms had elevated LPG costs twice and in January 2021, they stored the LPG price unchanged. So, in February 2021, it was anticipated that oil firms would enhance LPG costs. Indian Oil is the nation’s largest gas retailer, provides LPG. 

Fuel retailers revise the costs of LPG cylinders each month. Fuel retailers promote LPG cylinders on the market price however the authorities subsidises 12 cylinders every family per 12 months by offering direct subsidy.

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