Lexi Underwood Addresses Colorism In The Industry


I definitely think with diversity and representation, we’ve done well at seeing more, but I feel like within the industry, we’re also limiting what we can do and be, whether that’s the stories that we tell or also the colorism aspect of it. There’s a major colorism issue within the industry when it comes to Black women, understanding that we come in all different shapes and sizes. It’s become very normalized to cast people that look like me, light-skinned Black women, in these roles that sometimes should be played by dark-skinned Black women. So I think sometimes it is good to kind of specify what exactly you’re looking for when it comes to the roles, because we’ve just seen the lack of representation when it comes to even just Black people. So you can say, you know, looking for Black actors, but sometimes it’s also important to specify what type of Black actor you’re looking for.




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